Pink skies, running deer, and setting goals…

Lots of swinging…

Wow, this weekend I totally fell in love with Brushy Creek Park.   To back up…Saturday was the first real “suck it up” run of the year.  It wasn’t crazy hot, but it was super, super humid.  It was one of those runs where by mile one Mark and I were already dripping in sweat.  Despite taking a little break from marathons, Mark is still very kindly meeting me on weekends, so I will gladly take a partner while I can.   I finished up the run about 10 pounds of water weight less than when I started and rushed off to yoga.  Mike suggested I go twice this weekend since Jaspy has been a bit of an extra challenge lately.  Ok!  No arguments here.  So I was spent after a hot run and a flow class.   Sunday night I woke up to lots of thunder and rain, and so did Jasper.  I spent a couple hours up with him, and was secretly hoping the rain would ruin the 530 meeting time I had established with Mark for Brushy Creek.   I was sore and tired and very tempted just to slowly shuffle around my neighborhood on my own.

No luck.  Mark texted me the trails hold up well there and it was just drizzling, so I was in.  We went the opposite way we went last weekend, and not a soul was out, as rain seems to scare everyone away in this town.  What a beautiful run!  The trails there are so runnable.  Even in the dark it was easy.  We did an out and back and on the way back, the sun was rising and gave us a hot pink sunrise over the lake.  Just incredible.  We both agreed it felt like we were miles from civilization, despite a huge suburb butting up against the park.  We watched 4 deer dive into the woods against the bright pink sky.  I just love runs like these.   Who wouldn’t?  I am so psyched I have really discovered this park to run in.   Note to self, bring my phone next run.  I really need some pictures.

Mark and I spent time waxing and waning about our future run plans.   We are both on the fence if we want to still go for goal times or enter the era of just completing marathons for fun.  I don’t think either one of us reached a conclusion, but it’s really fun to run with Mark and hash these types of things out.

I plan to restart my marathon training posts when I actually start putting together a plan for the fall.  For a couple more weeks I’m just running and telling myself these are “base” miles, and the fact that I am slow doesn’t matter.  Really a nice justification!  I’ve been poking around MarathonGuide.com in search of a 40th birthday goal.  My birthday is months away, but I am in the infancy stages of finding myself a “birthday present” race.  I LOVE MarathonGuide.com.  Total runner porn.  I dare you to poke around it and not come up with at least a dozen races you feel you must do.  Let me know which ones they are when you find them!

5 thoughts on “Pink skies, running deer, and setting goals…”

  1. Oh, wow, that sounds so beautiful! Yes- please take pictures next time to share… nothing like that very close to me. 🙂 Congrats on the approaching birthday– I lopve marathonguide.com, too!

  2. When is your birthday? I am wanting to BQ in November, so tentatively San Antonio, tho it feels too close to a 100 miler Sept 29…But Dallas is on my son’s birthday, no go:(

    1. Not until November, but if I want to have a couple friends join me, I’ll need to have something planned ahead of time. I love the Frankenthon in late October, up at Brushy Creek park. It’s small, well done and easy to run a fast time. Plus, it’s not expensive like San Antonio. If you can recover from your 100 quickly, it would be a good one to do.

      1. Clea, it sounds enticing! Cheap, close by, and easy to pace on loops, and officially BQ…I could try for it, and if it doesn’t work out, use it as a last long run:)

  3. Hmm, my “little break” from marathons didn’t last very long – just signed up for a fall race. I blame the unseasonably wonderful running weather we’ve had this week.

    That sunrise was something, wasn’t it?

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