New shiny things and marathoning…

The boy’s got a decent wind up…

I hope everyone had as good of a Mother’s Day as I did.  Even though I seem to have caught a bit of a day care virus, I still had a great weekend and wish today wasn’t Monday.

Saturday Mark and I had a fantastic run.  He’s back into marathon mode, so it’s great to have a partner.  We had a spectacular run through Brushy Creek complete with a pastel sunrise, a herd of deer, full creeks, and lots of great conversation.  We trekked through a new subdivision quite a bit and played house hunters picking out our favorites.   We got a nice 15 miler which was just what I was going for.  The rest of the day I manned Jasper while Mike continued to slowly chip away at the endless “getting rid of hideous 80’s decor” projects in our house.  Why there was once such a fascination with all things brass I will never know.    Also, WTF with the whole  “faux Victorian” look?  Ick.

Sunday my request for the day was just to go to yoga guilt free and relax a bit.  I started the day with another Brushy Creek run with Mark and Pancake.  Yes, Pancake got her deer herding on as we tackled the trails nice and early.  Happiness is a worn out border collie.  Then I hit Ashtanga.  I’ve dropped it to about every 2-3 weeks doing flow classes in between.  Ashtanga plus running every weekend really was making me tired…it’s such a tough class.   I came home completely pooped and ready to start figuring out my new Garmin 405.  Yes, out of the blue for Mother’s Day, Jasper got me a much fancier Garmin than the 110 model I already had.  I guess he figured I need things like the calories burned and the virtual partner and the touch-bevel screen.  Yes, I am spoiled and I love my new shiny toy.  You know you are runner when a new Garmin beats out diamonds any day.

I was also treated to a homemade grilled salmon dinner with mango salsa.  We decided to live large and got a patio set for the deck.  I am loving eating outside and so is the little boy, who blow bubbles in between his micro bites of food.

Ok. Now the really big news…..I am running a marathon in July!  How did this happen so quick?  A friend here mentioned she might do the Missoula marathon with a friend of hers.  She was saying flying in the day before and leaving right after makes out of town races not that big of a deal.  Because I have a super awesome, supportive husband, he said “You know, it wouldn’t be too big of a deal if you did something like that.”  Next thing you know I was doing my research, ever being drawn the Missoula marathon, that Runner’s World voted the best overall in the country.  I LOVE smaller, but well done races.  And, hello, cool weather in the middle of a Texas summer?  A no-brainer.  So it’s booked.  The main reason this could happen is Mike had some air miles to cover the ticket that cost more than a flight to Australia.  So I’m going solo on a Saturday and coming home early on a Monday.  I will be totally worn out, but happy, and hopefully the little boy won’t notice too much I am gone.   And let’s face it, a little break from the little boy can be much needed as difficult as it is to leave.  The speech delay issues are difficult and make a lot of things an extra challenge.  I am fortunate that Mike gets this and tries to help me get a break when I can.  Plus, it’s really hard to have an entire Texas summer without leaving.  I am so, so excited for my mini July vacation.  Now I need to just start training!

Well time to get a couple of things done while I have my reprieve at here at speech therapy. Hopefully I’ll get to the computer a little more this week for some more running posts.  Have a great week….

2 thoughts on “New shiny things and marathoning…”

  1. ” You know you are runner when a new Garmin beats out diamonds any day.” May be not Garmin for me, but any kind of race fee or shoes – who needs diamonds anyway?? 🙂
    I’d love to find me some Power Ashtanga class…and some few more hours a day to squeeze it in:) That’s some good yoga there!

  2. Wow, how exciting! That sounds like the perfect mid-summer getaway. And congrats on your new shiny toy! Happy mother’s day!

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