My latest obsession…

I first heard about the Missoula marathon from a friend who’s doing the 50 states.  This is when you try to do a marathon in every state.  There’s no time limit or anything, it’s just a get them done kinda thing.  Mike put a little bug in my ear when he said “you know, you could do that.” (see how I am blaming him?!)

At first I thought, “no way”.   Most the people who do the 50 states are retired or travel for work.  I fit neither category.  But Mike’s suggestion was just do a couple quick weekend trips a year and mark off 2-3 states a year.  It suddenly sounds kinda doable.  I mentioned it to Mark, and his response was “have you seen the people who do the 50 states?!”  Well, yeah, a lot of people who do this are more into run/ walking for fun.  Not that there is a thing wrong with that, but it tends to appeal to those who want to take things at a more gentle pace.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve become obsessed!  I’ve done some online research (damn you mandatory lunch break!)  Will I do it?  Well, I am going to join the 50 states club once I finish Montana which is my 10th state.  Only 40 to go.  Ha!  Seriously, I plan to peck away at a state or two a year.  It would be cool to finish within a neat time frame, but it will be more likely that I’ll finish before I’m 100.  I’d like to call my quest 50 by 50 (finish when I’m 50), or something clever, but the reality is knocking off 40 states will take a long time.  I figure 2 a year is a reasonable pace.   In the future some will be family vacations.  Mike is already chomping at the bit to combine an Oregon marathon with a brewery tour.   I may never finish, but it will be a good excuse to see a couple of places I would otherwise never go to.

So if anyone out there has had a burning desire to visit North Dakota or Delaware and run a marathon , let me know.




8 thoughts on “My latest obsession…”

  1. I have a friend (neighbor growing up) who was President of the 50 states club for a while. She ran her 50th marathon on her 50th birthday. She could definitely give you some advice. Let me know if you want me to hook you two up. She lives in San Marcos. She was also single, no family and worked for years for American Airlines (all three of which, I suspect, made things easier). Still, lots of people do it. Didn’t Dean Karnazes do it in like 50 days? If he can do it in 50 days, I bet you could do it by your 50th year . . . you’ve already got a handful of states checked off.

    1. yeah, I remember you mentioning her. I will not be doing my states like a lot of the members do…it will probably take me 20 years. Even doing it in 10 years means over 3 travel marathons a year, and that isn’t going to happen.

  2. Wow- what a fun obsession!! Part of me could definitely go for something like this (although probably at the half distance) but who knows if I ever will. I would love to meet up somewhere, sometime for one of the marathons with you! 🙂

  3. I am a member of one of those club (There is 50 states, and then 50 states and DC, and they kind of separate, but join fee was only 10 bucks 10 years ago). I think despite the fact I ran over 100 “marathons and over”, I am at about 20? I haven’t updated in a while:) Anyhow, I think it’s a fun goal, and also I personally know people from those clubs who have a record of going sub-3 (or sub-whatever) as well as plodders. So, it’s what YOU make it. By the way, are you a member of Marathon Maniacs yet? Evil me:) Number 101.

    1. Well, I am about half way between a sub -3 and a plodder! I guess with all your ultras you do have a lot of states! I actually don’t do enough races for marathon maniacs, but thanks for the suggestion. I probably did in my ultra days, but now I only do 3-4 a year.

  4. I think that is awesome I wish I had the time to do that, I’m still trying to get a marathon done that isn’t in the DFW area. Lol

    1. Remember…I’m doing this very, very slowly. Like 2 a year. I don’t really have time either! But as Jasper gets older, they will become part of family vacations. Maybe you could do a couple that way?

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