Jasper’s loss, my gain…

Me, Steve and Stephanie when we knocked out Utah on the states list, at the St George marathon (which is excellent, BTW).

Does anyone else have a kid that suffers from mommyitis?  Jasper has it bad, and it has reached new heights.  It means only mama can do anything for/ with him.  Oh, and I can never leave.  This means in his world only I can put him to bed and I can never leave the room.  If I do screaming, tears, the works.  It means asleep by 800 and morphed into “I finally let mama leave my room at 1030pm.  I’m asleep the whole time, but somehow if she makes a move I wake up and freak out.”  So over the last couple months, any time in the evenings has been canceled out for me.  Not just leisure time, but the time when I got some house work done, did any baking, or returned friends’ emails.  Mike has tried to intervene, but it seems to make things worse for Jasper.

The solution?  One night a week I am leaving the house.  Jasper will have a mama free night to hopefully help him get over the mama addiction.  It means I get a night to go do anything.  Oh, the possibilities!  Last night I tried a new yoga place.  I’m not gone for hours, just a couple, but that is long enough.  Of course Jasper went nuts when I left and I was later told of things he said like “Mama, home!” “Mama, car!” (at least he put two words together…this is a big step).  So it’s a mixed bag.  I am looking forward to my night off, but feeling terrible about it all at once.  We shall see if it does anything…

In other news, I am enjoying my prep for the Missoula marathon.  I can’t really call it training, as I am just putting in the necessary miles distance wise, but not worrying about pace.  It will soon be hot here, and most of us slow down some.  This is also a vacation, so while I don’t want to humiliate myself on the run, I won’t be expecting a PR.    It’s nice to just get up and check off the distance and not fret that I seem to just get slower.

Well, time to get a thing or two done while the silent one is in speech.  I gotta plan out my next night out!

1 thought on “Jasper’s loss, my gain…”

  1. Oh, that’s rough- I hope it’s a short phase! L has been more insistent at times that I am the only one that can do something silly for her, but bedtime has been daddy’s domain for a long time, so thankfully, I don’t have to worry about it there. Enjoy your extra hours to yourself!

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