Don’t eat the cake…

Don’t you wish adult swim wear was more like kids’? Functional, comfortable, and not super revealing? I guess I could wear a swimsuit like this and just see how many looks it got….

Here I am at speech again on a Monday.  I went ahead and took the day off.  Daycare was closed and Mike was off, and it just seemed to pitiful to go into work.  Every now and then you just need a 3 day weekend.  I know you are probably thinking “your whole life is a 3 day weekend since you work part time.”….BUT, (and I can sympathize with stay at home moms on this), a day you take you child to an appointment and run a bunch of errands isn’t a day off.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade having a weekday off with Jasp for anything, but it is sometimes our busiest day of the week!

I am totally spent though.  How many of you spend 3 days squeezing in extra workouts  if you have an extra day off?   I went to 2 yoga classes, and now I am soooo sore.  When will I learn?

I should have just pitched a tent at Brushy Creek park, as I was there all weekend.  2 runs and 3 Jaspy trips.  Someone had left a big, sugary graduation cake in a box at the entrance and I saw it all weekend long, each time wishing I had a big, sugary cake at home. Champion park, which is a little off-shoot park, is now my favorite kid park in the world.  Jasper and I have worn ourselves out there over the last 3 days in the whale splash pad and digging up fossils in the covered (shade!) water and sand pit.  Maybe that’s why I am so tired…

Ok…time for me to work on my 50 states blog.  I may still be working on it when blogging is totally passé and blogging will be along the lines of ham radio.  But for now I can drool over marathon guide.com and plot out my next race….at least until the silent one is done with his speech therapy.



1 thought on “Don’t eat the cake…”

  1. Such a cute pic of J! Way to go on your 50 state blog- you are serious, huh!? I’m glad you’ll be letting us know here when you post, I don’t want to miss anything!

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