I run for frosting…

There are still plenty of wildflowers at Brushy Creek!
Jumping nonstop in the splash pad

One of the challenges of maintaining this blog is that my life is pretty routine, so it’s not always easy to come up with post ideas.  When I started the blog I did a lot more big trail runs and races and it was a place to report on “epic” events.  Now my runs are often just a matter of “gotta get it done” and it’s wherever and whenever allows me to accomplish this.   I’m not so sure detailing my run through suburbia each morning would be that interesting to everyone else.    This Saturday was such a nice run and while it was about just getting it done, it was so pretty and nice, it almost felt “epic”.

I had 20 on my schedule.  Mark said he was up for 10, and willing to start at 500.  I figured it wouldn’t be too bad to get another 10 on my own after that.  We met at Brushy Creek, because that just seems to create the nicest long run these days.  Watching a pink sunrise, seeing herds of deer and occasional bunnies….who can argue with that?  I kept a VERY mellow pace and tortured Mark with my slowness, but I knew 20 in what is officially a Texas summer means go slow.  His run was actually 9, so now I had 11 miles on my own.  Right after I left Mark and went down and little offshoot trail and saw a ton of deer.  Tons of wildflowers were still out, and I thought “this won’t be bad.”  Then right in front of me completely unfazed by my presence, was the prettiest little grey fox.  This was the good part of the run.

It got a little harder from there, but doable.  No matter how you put it, 20 miles in the heat and humidity is just hard.  I managed, but when I hit my car at mile 19.3, I had the choice of saying “good enough”, or shuffling down the trail for a few more 10ths of a mile and then back just to check a box that said 20.  Both options seem logical and illogical all at once.  I took the first option.  19.3 was good enough on this day.  It was a good effort though, and I felt good about it.  I just can’t rave enough about how much I am enjoying my new trail.

19.3 miles was enough for me to justify the fact that I have discovered a cupcake bakery right by my house, and am enjoying sampling all the different flavors.  So far my fave is the margarita.  Yes, this is a very dangerous thing to have so close by!

The rest of the weekend was a nice blur of entertaining friends and entertaining Jasp.    Expect to see a lot of pictures of him in the splash pad.  This is the greatest invention because I get to sit at a picnic table while he burns endless energy.

Well, off to sort out the rest of my long run schedule prior to the July ‘thon.  I think I will need to plan my long miles around rotating cupcake flavors.  🙂

2 thoughts on “I run for frosting…”

  1. Um yes, I’d say you earned that cupcake with your nearly 20 miles! Nice work! I’m still adapting to the heat and humidity, and while I don’t think it will ever be easy, it feels okay these days.

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