Get it done run…

Pretty Champion Park

Do you ever have these?  You have something on your run schedule, do not want to do it, but somehow just convince yourself to get it done?  I had one today.  It was a drop back week with 16 miles.  In my ultra days this was nothing, but for a marathoner, it’s still a decent run.  I also had no running buddies today, but figured no biggie, it’s nice to run solo every now and then.  When I woke up though, I soooo wish I had someone to meet.  I went to bed with a headache, and woke up with a worse one.  It was pitch black, and I really hate running at 5am, completely alone in the dark.  I compromised with myself.  Tylenol and food, wait 30 minutes for headache to get better, then go.

It sorta worked.  I felt better, but not totally optimistic I would follow through on all 16 miles.  6 sounded better.  I also was not loving the very dark trail.  About a mile and a half in, I saw some other runners.  Ok, feeling better, I am not totally alone out here.  I hit my first turn around and was back at my starting point pretty quickly.  6 miles down.  What’s 10 more? (kidding…it’s a lot)

I really enjoyed the next section of trail, because Mark and I always run it in the dark, so it was like it was brand new.  Sports beans in (Jaspy only eats about 5 foods, but somehow added my running jelly beans to his list…at least he will have enough electrolytes), temps not too bad.  Suddenly I am at 10 miles.  6 to go.  At the turn around I am at 12.  All I have to do is follow the trail back and I am done.  It was actually a really, really nice run.  I am way too embarrassed to tell you my pace…it was so much slower than it felt like I was running.  WTF?  BUT, the miles were ticking off, and I guess that’s all that mattered.  I hit my car at 15.6 and did the Garmin nerd thing, and ran it down the trail until it beeped 16.  DONE!

Now here’s where the day gets really fun….rush home, pick up breakfast tacos on the way home.  Shower and inhale tacos in 30 minutes, no time to stretch :(.  Take Jaspy to his first swimming lesson of the season.  Just about die in the indoor pool room with 110% humidity and 90 degrees.  Head is pounding now.  Go to Starbucks, in desperate need of iced coffee after swimming.  Go home, run in , change clothes and all of us take both cars down to the dealership to drop my car off for service.   Jasp falls asleep on the way home, right on time for his nap.  Get him in, then rush to Costco to shop while he sleeps.  Total score with $18 Adidas running skirt.  Get home, put away groceries, see if Mike need my useless help while he replaces the last of the hideous 80s ceiling fans (RIP brass and faux Victorian fan).  Get Jasp up from his nap, pack up for Kid and Play bouncy gym.  Watch Jasp jump, go back to dealer and pick up car, now $400 poorer, go grab dinner at Black Star (beet salad! and Pale Ale), head home, Jaspy bath, Jaspy bed routine.  8:20…Jasp is asleep and here I am…totally crashed out.  This is why mom running is so hard.  It’s not the running….it’s everything else.  Where is my post run nap and massage?

So while the day was super tiring, a lot got done.  I did the run I did not want to do, and there’s another brass ceiling fan headed for the landfill.  Yay!



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