Popeye, I am not…

Eating cherries, OCD style

I think after over 2 years now, I am finally coming to terms with the fact I am not going to do anything in the evenings unless I leave the house….which doens’t happen a lot. I’m on this big kick lately that I really want to supplement my running with other things: yoga, some strength training (did I just type that, yikes!), some walking. I set myself up for failure again, and again, planning evening workouts that never happen, but there’s only so many hours in the day. I just don’t know how you fellow moms do it.

Fact is, as I get older, I just need to pay more attention to things like my gut and my arms, and just a couple 20 minute sessions a week is probably good. I’ve made peace with doing things at home. A whole different rant of mine is that gym memberships often add yet another task for many of us, and finding things to do at home is much more useful. I finally got my copy of Train Like a Mother.  If you are a runner mom, and you are not on this website all the time, you need to be.  These ladies are super funny, have amazing give aways, and tell it like it is.  I wish they were based in Austin, because I would stalk them until they become my running partners.  I am on there as one of the A-Z moms, and stupidly sent in a photo of me and Jasper with a giant beer in the foreground….classy, I know.  But seriously, Train Like a Mother has some great tips, and a nice strength session to do at home.  I am committing to doing this sucker at least once a week.  I am soooo not a gym person, that until yesterday I had never done things like single leg squats.   Yes, I know how unlikely that sounds and how laughable it is for me…but the more I listen to running podcasts and read, the more I realize to be in for the long haul you’ve got to keep yourself strong and flexible.  So as long as Jasper keeps napping,  I will do my best to squeeze this in.  I’ve given up on evenings.  They are for eating Ben and Jerry’s Greek yogurt and watching Game of Thrones (I just started this…hello new addiction!)

But if any of you more fitness minded moms have tips on this whole strength training thing….send them my way.


2 thoughts on “Popeye, I am not…”

  1. I hear you on trying to squeeze in the strength training… I feel like I’ve been slacking lately, but I think you’re right, 20 minutes here and there is probably enough, and definitely better than skipping it altogether because I don’t have more time!

    1. 20 minutes is so much though when it’s the end of the day, you finally have everything done, and the DVR is calling your name! There just aren’t enough kid free hours in the day!

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