Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done…

At least the 22 miles were pretty…

I really had to psych myself up for my run this weekend.  I had a 20 miler planned, all solo.   I’m not super excited about starting at 5am in the pitch dark on the trail, so I planned to run around the subdivision next to the trail until it got light.  The plan was run up the street from my car, hit a cross street that runs down to the trail, by the time I hit the trail, it would be light.

In addition to it being dark, and solo, I was really, really sore.  Remember my foray into strength training last week?  Well, I was sore, as I expected, then I hit yoga Thursday night, and by Friday I was super, “hit by a car” sore.   Saturday morning it was starting to ease up, but I felt like I did 800 push ups.  But it was my only day I could do a long run this week.  I had to just suck it up.

My goal was a 5am start, but when you aren’t meeting anyone, it’s soooo hard to be on time.  I ended up starting at 515, knowing I would need to book it to be done in time to make it to Jasp’s swimming lesson.

The run went really well.  Just as planned I hit the trail as the sun was starting to come up, and about 2 miles into the trail I started seeing other runners.  I felt good, and the miles were ticking off.  I made it to the end of the trail, and turned around to head back, knowing I had a big hill to go up the street I had used to get down the trail , then back down to get to my car.

Here’s where I get stupid.  I hit the road at about 16.5 miles, and figured the run would be 19.5 miles.  Good enough.  Up the hill I went and it seemed like the street to my car should have shown up already.  It’s seems impossible to screw up, just one turn involved in all of this.  I start questioning things thinking “I’m not sure I’ve seen that before”, but I’ve only done this in the dark, and this whole area is a pretty nondescript  subdivision.    I’m close to 19 miles, so I know something is wrong.  I finally admit I have never been where I am running  stop a cyclist.  I asked if the street I needed to turn on perhaps changed names at some point.   “Yep” he said.  Of course, that’s how I missed it.  But when he told me it was about a mile and a half back (plus I had another 2 down the street to my car), I had my Darwin award moment.  Why in the hell did I keep running when nothing looked familiar?  Looking at my watch I was now at the time I told Mike I would be on my way home, and I had 3 miles of running at least.  Time to haul butt, at least as much as I could.  I watched the minutes tick away.  Swimming lesson starts in 30 minutes, I guess I won’t wash my hair, I don’t really need to eat, forget coffee…all this went through my head.  Also, I hope Mike just thought I was stupid and not dead, since I was going to be 30 minutes late.  I hit my car…22.5 miles.  Ok, feeling confident about my marathon, but not about getting to swimming lessons in time.  I see the missed calls from Mike, call him and explain I’m fine, just stupid, and get home.  Run into the shower (15 minutes until swimming and it’s a 5 min. drive).  Rinse off, try to dress while still sweating, toss Jasp and bag in the car and get there with a minute to spare.  I cannot stop sweating in the little indoor pool, 100 degree room.

I down coconuts waters while I’m in there.  Despite feeling faint, I have to admit that swimming lessons are so cute this year..it’s so much more fun for me to watch than be in the water…and he seems like he’s picking it up fast.

The whole day was one activity after another.  I was soooo tired, and slept in my compression socks, because I’m a total geek.  But I have 22 in the books for my race, and I’m feeling good about it!

Ran 7 the next day with Mark.  It’s a farewell run….as he’s out of town for the next month.  Somehow over the last couple years my running buddies have vanished.   I still know a couple folks who run, but no one wants to start at 500 when I need to …..except Mark.  So if you are in Austin and interested in running with a couple of middle of the pack folks, let me know!  Mark and I really want to get a little group back together.

So there you have it….a couple more weeks, and I am ready to hit state #10…hopefully I’ll be a little smarter when I’m there.



5 thoughts on “Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done…”

  1. you are one busy running mama! I admire your 5 am starts. I have a feeling if I start my marathon training post-baby I’m going to have to get used to the 5 am runs so I can fit it all in. My husband is not a huge fan of me running in the dark by myself though. Maybe I can start a 5 am mom run group:) Good luck with the rest of your training and congrats on getting 22 in the books.

    1. The 5am are totally a reality for long runs with kids. It’s also hard to find a lot of folks who run that early on weekends. But, it’s doable. Just stick to main roads before it’s light, and once it’s light you go anywhere. It feels great to be done with 20 by 8am, when a lot of runners are just getting started.

  2. That is a great confidence booster, even if unplanned and kind of not very smart…I tell you, I never even plan well my road routes and just imagine that if I keep turning same way (say, left, or only right), I should be making a circle. The problem in Aistin (NW anyway) is that nothing goes parallel. I end up so far away from where I thought I should be…and since I don’t have babies crying, I am ok, but out of water and with shot legs:) Anyhow, about those groups. First of, you guys are fatser. Secondly, where exactly are you running? I’ll be taking some time off long runs till September (may be mid-August), but then need to ramp road serious miles for a marathon attempt (funny how it sounds, I don’t need long runs for a 100M race in the mountains, but do need it for a road 26? Yes, I do, big time). Bottom line is, keep me in the loop for this couple of months so I don’t fall off the radar. I will need your help:)

    1. Olga…Mark is fast, I am not! I have been running at Brushy Creek which is out Parmer, really technically in Cedar Park, but I can meet up somewhere else if you want to run sometime. You can join us there closer to the end of the summer, if you decide to run Frankenthon, and we can show you the course.

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