I like it when 5am goes my way…

I really need to take new pictures. This was all I could find on my phone that I haven’t already used.

So far this week has been a reminder that just getting out the front door in the morning to run is small miracle.   Jasper had 3 days in a row of waking up at 430.  That is right when my alarm goes off, so I am up, but that’s my time!    One of the mornings, I managed to get him back to sleep and just went for my run late, and then was a little frazzled getting off to work, but at least I got my run.   Two of the mornings this week I just had to take him with me.  Mike put a bunch of games on the iphone for him, so taking it along ensured he was happy in the stroller.  I guess I’ll count it as a bonus workout that I pushed an extra 40 pounds or so in 80 degrees and 80% humidity….at 530 am.  I don’t really mind taking him, but at almost 2 and 1/2 years old, would a little bit of a schedule be too much to ask for!?!  I was feeling kinda low over the fact that some basic things still seem so hard and it seems like by now we should be over some of the hurdles. 

BUT…we had our first occupational therapy session and that really rewired my thinking.  Please don’t think of me and some crazy, over protective, worrier parent.  Everything Jasper is involved with was recommended by a healthcare professional.  His speech therapist has been pushing for some time for occupational therapy, which it seems like in the pediatric world works a lot with difficult behaviors, including refusing to eat more than a couple foods (the Jasper diet).  I won’t go into too many details, but if any mom friends have questions, please email me.  Anyhow, after a 4 hour eval that was pretty intense at times, the therapist in so many words, said “this has been really hard for you, hasn’t it, and it’s really worn you out.”  I wanted to hug her.   It was just nice to hear some one “get it”.  I don’t want to sound as if my life is difficult or unhappy, but there are times I just wonder “Is this hard, or am I just a wimp and can’t deal?”   Sounds a lot like running, doesn’t it?!

So this morning, when Jaspy stayed asleep and I snuck out to run at 5am, and got home to still find the house still asleep, and sat and had a cup of coffee while I stretched watching the sun come up…I enjoyed every minute of it, and felt much more ready to tackle whatever the day is going to offer.

3 thoughts on “I like it when 5am goes my way…”

  1. Thanks…..it’s not so bad. Sometimes boys just make you crazy. Sound familiar?

    Let me know when you are recovered and up for a run!

    1. When I can put a shoe that covers my heel on! Tried today, no go. that hole in the back is still deep. But legs are fine. I am thinking I’ll start with the gym – and slippers:)

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