Christmas head, downward dog, and the 50 mile shuffle…

Jasper somehow ended up emailing me this while playing on the iPad. It’s from a game where you style the Christmas tree’s hair. Perhaps barber school is a future career path?

Where did the weekend go?  It always goes too fast.  I am in complete disbelief that I have a marathon this weekend….and a travel one at that.  While I dread getting on a plane and saying goodbye to my family for a couple of days, and I feel really guilty taking the time for me, I am looking forward to a good long run!  Which is really all this marathon is for me.  I trained a lot in the miles department, but not so much on speed.  It’s hit the point where all runs are at least 80 degrees, so I know trying to improve, at least for me, is pointless.  I just don’t speed up when it’s hot.  I can maintain a steady shuffle, but that’s about it.

One thing I keep meaning to mention is my new yoga routine.  I haven’t been to Ashtanga in weeks, and I doubt I’ll make it there anytime soon.  The time slot it was in worked great when Jasper went down for a nap at 1100, but now he’s more like 1230-100, and it was cutting into family time.  Plus, there is a yoga studio about a mile from our house.  It’s got a different vibe than where I was going, a little more laid back.   The classes are good, but a little less on the intensity scale.  But I really can’t argue virtually no travel time to get to a class.  I’ve been going to a 730pm class, and while I am not wild about getting home from yoga at 900pm after a really long day, it really isn’t taking any family time, minus putting Jasper to bed, which we are trying to let Mike do one night a week anyways.  If all goes well, I’ve been getting to squeeze in a weekend class too.  My point to all this is that balance word, once again.  I’m compromising the class style to make it much more convenient, and that makes me happy.  Although I learned the hard way don’t eat a huge dinner then head off to class only to hear “we’re doing all inversions this class”.

In the “something I’m thinking about department”, I admit I was hugely inspired by Western States last weekend.   It got me thinking about my own training, and really I do a pretty good job of getting out and getting the miles in.  If I really wanted to make a return to a 50 miler, there isn’t much more I’d need to do.   I have some ideas about training that I don’t think would add much to my schedule minus a couple long runs, which if planned in advance should be doable.   My fall is pretty much planned with the Frankenthon marathon October and then a birthday marathon in November, so this is something I’d be thinking about in the spring.  I’m going to see how this weekend’s run goes and if all goes well this is something I might pursue.   I blame Mark for this since he isn’t here to start out a run saying “aren’t you glad we aren’t running a 30 mile training run?”  By the way, if any of the two folks who read this have ever run the Grasslands run in the DFW area, let me know what you think, as that is one I would consider.  If I do proceed with this (a big IF), I need a race that is non-technical.  Hills are ok, rocky, rooty courses are not.

Why the change of heart?  Well, like I said, the occupational/ physical therapy session we went to last week was a real epiphany.   It was like I finally got permission to admit things can be hard.  I know you probably read this and it sounds like I get to do just about everything I want to do, and that’s true, but largely because I schedule everything when Jasper is asleep.  Very early morning, or weekend nap.  Taking another hour on a weekend to add a few more miles to a run isn’t a huge deal.  Not feeling like a bad mom for any little thing I do for me is something I’m trying to work on.

Well that’s about it.  It will be a busy week of getting ready to go out of town.  Why does going out of town for 2 days create a whole week’s worth of extra crap to do?


11 thoughts on “Christmas head, downward dog, and the 50 mile shuffle…”

  1. My two cents? You are HUGELY accomodating to your family and extremely unselfish, so you should not at all feel bad about taking a little extra time to yourself.

    I realize my prospective is different since we have highly involved grandparents in town, but I take a lot more time for myself and feel fine about it. Maya and I are extremely close, but if I am running or at yoga or at a movie with Adam or whatever while she is with Adam or her grandparents, I think it’s just fine. She is also older and doesn’t have a mommy does everything requirement, so I know every situation is different.

    I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way as judging or something. I just mean to let you know that from an outsider’s perspective, it looks like you bend over backward to be present with Jasper as much as possible, so I hope that you will continue to take to make and take time for yourself and try not to feel guilty.

    Have a great trip!

    1. Thanks for your nice words. It’s good to hear outside perspective.

      We need to meet up and run or do a playdate. Email me and let me know what you are running these days. I’ve been staying north mainly because I am not usually meeting anyone, but I could do town lake if you want to meet up.

  2. Ha! That Christmas tree hair is awesome. 🙂 That’s exciting that you’re thinking about new things and what’s next… I’m still considering that Monster marathon, though I really don’t like the idea of a long run in August here!! So we’ll see… good luck in your decisions, and I”ll be thinking of you in the marathon this weekend!

    1. August long runs are tough, but you take them slowly, and come fall and the first few cool days, you will feel like you are flying. I do a fall marathon every year just to keep up long runs over the summer. If I don’t have something to train for, it way too easy to start cutting runs short. But, taking downtime over the summer is perfectly fine too!

  3. I take full responsibility for your ultra relapse, and also think it’s hilarious. I thought about starting off my comment with “aren’t you glad we’re not running 30 miles today” but I don’t think it would have the same effect.

    By the way, the expertly coiffed Christmas tree looks like a character from Veggie Tales.

  4. I vote against Grasslands. Ho roots or rocks to speak of, but boy, sand everywhere ankle deep, and open to heat all day, and if you think you’re lucky getting rain, then open to rain and sticky clay. I considered Nueces (same time frame) to be much easier (despite everyone screaming how it’s harder than Bandera, boohoo).
    p.s. ask me about pretty much any TX race:)

    1. Thanks…you have a lot of experience, so I trust your Grasslands assessment. I’ve actually done many of the Texas races. Nueces sounds interesting, but Joe’s races scare me…I do not share his love of technical terrain. Hills..fine, but stuff to trip on….no! We’ll have to discuss when we hook up to run.

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