Well, I have no marathon to report on.  I just wasn’t able to go out of town, and had a couple days of stay-cation…if you could call it that.  It’s really been a couple days of running some errands.  Since Jasper’s birth,  I have a fabulous history of signing up for races I don’t end up doing.   Travel races seem to be the big offenders since I sign up for them in advance.  So they are probably going off my radar, at least for awhile.  This also means no 50 states attempt.  It’s just not a time in my life I can easily travel, ’nuff said.

So where does this leave my current running plans?  Well, I was super trained up with a couple 20 milers, 18 milers, and a big 22 + miler.  I thought about just running a marathon on my own to utilize all my good training.  But then, I realized running in the 90% humidity just to grind out the miles by myself may not be that much fun.  It might be smarter to refocus my energy on the fall.  Race season starts then in Texas, and I think I have a much better shot at completing a local race.  I’m already signed up for my fave, the Frankenthon, and I have to think,  how can I not manage to make a race that is a 10 minute drive from my house?…but then again stranger things have happened.  But, I’ve got about 14 weeks of good training time.  This summer hasn’t been the greatest for me, so I’m giving myself permission to really train those 14 weeks.  To really immerse myself in it and enjoy it.  I need it.  After that we’ll see what’s next.   I’ll have lots of local stuff to choose from and the logistics on those races are just easier.

I don’t have any funny punchline or a story about eating too many cupcakes or something like that to end this on.   Part of my stay-cation involved retail therapy at REI, so there’s my happy thought of the day.  Is REI anyone else’s favorite store?

Ok…time to get out the Excel spreadsheet and start a new training plan!  Onward!


2 thoughts on “Refocus…”

  1. So hearing you! I cancelled Tahoe 100 and blew $250 of registration – well, at least the ticket can be reused. Thankfully, I haven’t singed up for another 100 in September (planned to do it after BH100). I will travel to PDX this weekend to see my son, but nothing on horizon for 6 months – a long time for me. Just need to re-focus on family, work and myself. And yes, train with quality for a fall marathon, not train some-taper-recover-not able to put good effort into next training cycle as still recovering type of thing. So, 14 weeks, huh? No way I am doing any long runs here until September! I need to breathe. Slogging will not make me a better runner:) Anyhow. Hang in there.

    1. Yes, 14 weeks, can you believe it. Summer doesn’t seem so bad when you say it that way. Let me know when you are up for those long runs!

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