Pretty Olympic National Park

Here’s an old picture of a Pacific Northwest rainforest from a vacation from about 3 years ago.  It finally started raining here after a really dry summer (although no where near like last year), and it so muggy that it really is rainforest like outside.  Minus the mosses, tall trees, and waterfalls everywhere.  One dares not complain about rain after the worst drought in state history, so I suppose I will embrace the 100% humidity.  It does keep your skin young looking at least.

So today I continued to regroup for the fall racing season.  I kicked off my training with a speed session.   Since I refuse to do track work, my speed sessions and usually my regular runs with a section at race pace, tempo pace,  miles done at interval pace, and/ or a couple hill repeats thrown in.  Today I did a mile to warm up, 4 at race pace, then finished with a couple hill repeats and an easy mile.  I know it’s not very impressive, but since I hadn’t really attempted my version of fast in a long time, it felt relatively uncomfortable in 100% humidity.  But it did feel good to know I did a hard run outside the ‘ol comfort zone.

I’m using the marathon plan from Train Like a Mother at least for my long runs.  It’s one of those marathon plans where you do 20 milers throughout, instead of piled at the end.  It looks like there’s one about every 3 weeks.  The reason I decided to do this is I’m pretty trained up already, and I thought this type of plan would help me take advantage of what I’ve already done.  We’ll see though, I also have a history of never sticking to a training plan and reverting back to the way I’ve always done things.  Which, does work for me, I just never really get faster, but I am able to finish in relative comfort.

Last week I took a hiatus from yoga and my strength training to rest up for my fictitious marathon.  Since it remained fictitious, this week I need to get back on the wagon.  I’m not the hugest fan of lunges and the like, but I want to give it a few weeks and see if it really does anything other than make me horribly sore.  So while Jaspy’s naps, that’s what I’m off to do.  Please try not to laugh too hard as you imagine me doing my step ups using Jasper’s arts and crafts table.

4 thoughts on “Rainforest…”

  1. I hear you- I’m not a big fan of strength training either, but I do think it makes a difference in keeping us strong and injury free. Curious to hear how you like TLAM’s program!

    1. I like the train like a mother program because it is pretty doable. I add in more stuff during the week, but they have a lot of 16-18 milers, which I really like. Plus, the whole doing 20 milers the whole training cycle is new for me.

  2. I think doing intervals the way you do is more difficult mentally (and thus physically) than on track/TM (the way I do it). I think. I don’t have technology on my side which would tell me pace, so I am left to my own “I am breathing hard” unless I have an end in sight (track) or a belt under my feet at certain speed (TM). So what I am trying to say is I am impressed:) As for PNW – I am going to see all this greenery and mountain-ery in a day! yay!
    p.s. had kicked off my 16 weeks with 2 speed intervals and 2 hill repeats. I need to find those long-gone fast-twitchers…

    1. Olga, I ran for a very demanding cross country and track program in high school with 2 daily practices. We did track work every day for both seasons. When I got out of high school, I said I would never do track work again, and I’ve stuck to that! Plus, I just hate driving to a run M-F. The bottom line is, do what works for you!

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