More Run.

I completed my hot, muggy 6.5 miler yesterday morning and heard Jasper stirring upstairs.  I was greeted with “One!”, “One!” , and wasn’t quite sure what he wanted, but he was VERY insistent.   You probably see where this is going….he was requesting, or demanding a run.  Mike runs 2-3 miles a few times a week and said he’d take him.   Jasper responded with “NO! Mama!”  So I was ordered to do another couple of miles by a 2 year old.

Same thing this morning.  I had ridden my bike (well, peddled slowly while watching a Netflix movie, while sweating like a pig) and once again Jasper demanded a run. 

Now, we are in the midst of working on tantruming and not giving into every little thing, but it’s pretty hard for me to say no to a run request.  Especially given that Jasp’s history with the running stroller wasn’t really all that great.  Suddenly with an iphone, a blankie, and a banana, we could take off for 10 miles.  

For now I’ll go with the flow on my demanded runs and just hope they don’t get requested too often on 20 miler days.

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