Ok, maybe not quite this bad

I always enjoy a new pair of running shoes.  What runner doesn’t?  I like to go buy my new pair when my old ones are about a month or so from total death.  I store them away in the closet and proceed to destroy my current pair of shoes, knowing I have a fresh pair waiting.   See, I am very hard on shoes.  No matter what brand or how much they cost, I shred through a pair in about 2-3 months.  I usually wear the heels right down.  I also have a long history of being fitted into the saddest, most orthopedic shoes if I go to a running store.  I look longingly at my friend’s hot pink racers, and stare down at my dirty white diabetic looking shoes and wonder what I have to do to fit into shoes that actually have color.

I am currently in a pair of very spartan Nikes.  I got the first pair of them free as part of the marathon pace team goodie bag.  They fit my orthotics so well and the price is so good, that I’ve kept with them.  Last time I went to a running store, they fitted me in some super cool looking racing shoes that I loved (for a change!), but the price tag was $145.  The Nikes are $69 at a local discount sporting good store.

Yesterday I went to the discount chain to get some new shoes.  I always recommend a running store if you don’t know what you want.  But if you do, the discount store works fine.  Plus for me there’s not the whole rigmarole of trying to convince the running store employee I really run, and that yes, the shoes I have on really are only a couple of months old and they are already worn out, and that yes, I may just actually run enough to shred a pair of shoes that quickly, despite my total lack of leg muscles.

I was all gung ho to get something “fast” looking.  To jump on the racing flat bandwagon and have a really colorful, pro runner looking pair of shoes.  I tried on a bunch of stuff with my orthotics.  I thought I had a winner with the Saucony Kinvara, all the rage amongst the cool runners.  It fit well, and the neon green and yellow just screamed that I meant business.  The last shoe I tried on was the new version of my spartan, plain Jane Nikes.  I added my orthotics to them and they felt….well, perfect.  The dull gray with just a hit of color in the Nike swoosh  said “these will get you from point A to point B and you won’t need to stand out in the crowd”.  Dang it…I had to admit they were the best fit by a landslide.  Suddenly the neon green and yellow shoe that fit well seemed tight and like it was pushing on the top of my foot.  So spartan Nikes it is yet again.

I guess on the bright side I’m easy to spot amongst the sea of fast, day glow shoes at a race. My feet look like a mall walker’s.  Oh well, at least they feel good.

7 thoughts on “Orthopedic…”

  1. You are funny! But I have to say, for the benefit of the readers who don’t know you in person…if you don’t look like a runner, I cannot imagine who on earth does look like one. Just my opinion, from this nearly 6 foot tall former post player who really doesn’t look like a runner but has managed some decent age group race times.

    1. Well, I may be small, but I always feel so unassuming and unathletic when I’m at a race.
      Are you running much these days? Want to try and meet up sometime?

  2. I am laughing out loud! Glad you found the shoes that fit you well- even if they look like a mall walker’s. 🙂 That is the sign of a truly smart runner!

  3. I would like to, but my running is short and pretty darn slow these days, so I’m afraid we’d be a poor match. It’s for the very best reason (which not public knowledge at this time), so I’m happy, but yeah, SLOW.

    Maybe a playground playdate, although work is getting busy for fall deadlines, and it’s hot, so that may need to wait a couple months.

    1. That’s great news! 🙂
      I’m pretty slow in the heat too. Just let me know if you want to meet sometime and I could always run a little before and meet you for the second half or something.

    1. All I’ve done is plod since you’ve been gone….but I suspect it will continue until our first cold front. I am looking forward to your return. I can’t believe I’m been partnerless for so long!

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