Death by stroller…

My lack of new photos speaks volumes for the current state of my life.  I really have nothing interesting to share.    No travels, no new projects, no big races.   The summer goes on and I’m so over it.  I’m glad we’re over halfway done and ready for the fall.

And, speaking of fall, I’m all signed up for what will hopefully not be another marathon I don’t do.  Route 66 marathon in Oklahoma on my birthday!  I’ve got the Frankenthon in October and Route 66 3 weeks later.  I’m still about 14 weeks out since I miss counted last week.  🙂    I’m following Train Like a Mother’s plan for my long run and the speed sessions.  Today was a speed session.  Speed is a relative term, as my speed session is most folks’ jogging pace, but at least I can say I’m pushing it.

Jasp had one of his epic night terrors last night, so I was prying my eyelids open when the alarm when off.   I hit snooze and fell back asleep for 15 minutes, and when alarm #2 went off I heard the familiar little squeak from Jasper’s room that let me know I was getting a running partner this morning.  He should not be up at 5am!!

Anyhow, I attempted to still do the speed session.  It was humid as all get up at 530 in the morning.  I had three 3 minute 30 second speed intervals to do in the mix of my run, with 10 minutes in between each.  That sounds pretty easy, but I was dying doing it with the stroller.  I can’t tell you the pace because it’s just too humiliating.  But I felt every minute of those 3 minutes.  It hurt.  I collapsed into a puddle when I got home.  Jasp remained entertained for the whole ordeal by playing Robot Lab on the iPhone.   You do what you gotta do.  Thank God for running strollers, and I suppose I should be glad the weather is warm enough that I can toss a barefoot kid in shortie PJs in the stroller and not worry he’ll freeze or anything.  Run accomplished, legs and arms are sore, life is good.



2 thoughts on “Death by stroller…”

  1. I did 6x800m TM intervals yesterday morning, which should have taken me 3:30 is I am to shoot for a 3:30 marathon…however, I won’t tell you my pace either, and I can’t even blame the stroller.

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