Does this stroller make me look fast, or fat?

Currently obsessed with all things Choo-choo.

Somehow in the last couple of weeks I’ve morphed into doing half my runs with the stroller.  WTF?  How did this happen? And, more importantly, why does Jasper feel the need to wake up as early as 4 am?   I’m thankful for my faithful, somewhat ergonomically designed buggy.  Without it, I’d be missing a lot of runs.  But I really hope this ends by the time it cools off because I am not sure would be ethical to drag a child out to run in 30 degrees while I generate a sweat and he just sits there shivering.

And, speaking of weather, running with the stroller in the humidity is about the hardest thing in the world.  Mark (who is back!) was gracious enough to meet us yesterday, and I could barely keep up with his easy pace.  After another stroller run today, my arms are wrecked.  I just hope there is some benefit from the fact I work 10 times harder to push it, but seem to be even slower than my normally slow pace.  How people do races with strollers, let alone double strollers, is beyond me.  I am a wimp.

I also found out I am friends with a fitness celebrity!  My bloggy friend, Laura, was in the Wall Street Journal with this.  She links to the article in her post, which was quite interesting.  I don’t feel it applies to me in anyway, because:  1.  I am sooo not a gym person, but really just a big dork who made running my hobby back in high school instead of something that actually would have made me friends and 2.  While I admit to owning some Lululemon clothing, if you see me in person, I am complete disaster.  I certainly don’t coordinate it, and I’ve got my nice orthopedic shoes to go with it, and 3.  The moms in the article are completely with it.  I usually collapse into bed each night wondering how I had one goal for the day of vacuuming up the dog hair and managed not to do it.  Anyhow, check it out, and hopefully you won’t be one of the people leaving a mean comment at the WSJ. 

Ok, my lunch break is over.  I’ve got a fun filled afternoon of trying not to down too many lattes in order to get my work done, while catching up on my podcasts.


3 thoughts on “Does this stroller make me look fast, or fat?”

  1. Ha! Hardly a celebrity, but thanks for sharing. 🙂 I didn’t feel like I fit the mold of the mom they were trying to highlight easier, but it was an interesting process to be a part of. At least she didn’t distort my quotes or anything!
    So sorry to hear about those 4am wake ups, that is brutal! I have done zero stroller miles all summer. I usually leave just before L wakes up and am back before Jared leaves, but now, of course, I’m taking a two week break and not worrying about it at all. I’m sure you’re getting stronger from it!

  2. Maya is usually asleep the whole time I run, but if she wakes up, she’s got her daddy, so no big deal. Do you not have that option?

    1. That’s our deal on weekends. When Jasper gets up at 430 on a weekday, and I am just barely out of bed getting ready to run, I just take him with me, since I am already up. For me it’s more of an issue of losing my kid free time than my sleep since I get up early. I try to be pretty fair about the running thing and try to lessen its impact on family life as much as possible. I also figure taking him for 430 wake ups may help my case when I am lobbying to do a travel marathon 🙂

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