I swear it seemed like this is what I was running in…

I got a couple stroller free runs in the past couple days.  One went well, as I attempted to break out of my comfort zone a bit.  Today’s run was a gnat infested horror.  There’s a wetlands of sort in my ‘hood.  It probably started as a pond, but is now somewhat of a drainage area, but still remains covered in dense vegetation, lots of water and lots of  water birds.  I am guessing it cannot be developed and so a nice little paved trail cuts through it.  It takes me a few miles to get there, run it, and run home, so the whole deal makes a nice little run.  I see lots of water birds, and deer, so it’s really pretty.  I’m really big on searching these kind of areas out for my runs, and I like that my neighborhood has 3 such little paths I can use.  We got a lot of rain last week, and the gnats are completely out of control.  It was like running in a sandstorm, and I had to cover my nose and mouth the whole time.  I cannot stand gnats going up my nose as I run.  Gross!  It was so bad I am doubtful I’ll run there anytime soon.  I wiped my face off really good on my way home, but got home and discovered a ton of gnats in my hair and on my arms.  Ick.

My little trips into urban forestry make me really excited for it to cool off a bit.  Jasp is a much different kid than a year ago, and I think we’ll get a lot more out of hiking trips.   It’s not super fun to spend a day in nature in 99 degrees, so it may wait a couple months, but I am pretty confident he’ll really get a lot out of it.  Almost there…..just August and September and then fall is here!

And, yay for the Olympics next week!  Can’t wait to watch the marathons!!!

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