The little swimmer, popcorn, and dreaming of fall…

Jasper is perfecting his Dennis the Menace look

It was another swimapalloza weekend.  We spent all weekend swimming.  Jasper is swimming further and further and  won’t stop until he’s forced to.  Continuous jumping in the pool, swimming, and pulling himself out for 2 + hours means he had slept very well.   So there’s my parenting tip…wear your child out to the point of complete exhaustion as often as you can. 

As for me, my run Saturday was for 18 miles.  I made it 17.5 before my time crunch hit and I figured that was good enough.    I ran with the stroller Sunday, and figured as long as Jasp seems to really like it, I’ll see it as a bonus that it gives me a hard effort.  And with all the pool time we are doing, I’ve been plenty tired come the evenings.

I also have been loving spending the evening watching Olympics.  I get Jasp to bed and the get in bed with my official Olympic snack.  For some reason I decided I just have to munch on something while watching, so I’ve declared popcorn with real butter and parmesean cheese my Olympic snack.   Why haven’t I been eating more popcorn this way?  It’s incredible.  With 2 more weeks or so to go, that’s a lot of popcorn.

Last night I had a girls’ evening with running and blog friends Meredith and Olga.   It was fun to talk goals and all things geeky running. This always motivates me.   One thing came out of it….we need to find some of the less expensive races in Texas.  This hobby is starting to get expensive.  I am excited for fall and having some friends to race with.  It will be here soon 🙂

Speaking of fall, try my bloggy friend Laura’s virtual race.  Her prizes look awesome.  I am going to sign up for the 10 mile…if anyone else wants to do it, maybe we can plan a group thing.  It’s free…can’t beat that.  Here’s the link:  Virtual Labor Day Race.   I really like her race logo….maybe she can make shirts with it…hint…hint.

Ok, work calls…gotta punch that clock.


7 thoughts on “The little swimmer, popcorn, and dreaming of fall…”

  1. That “tire them out so they sleep well” trick really works! We had a busy day yesterday at a friend’s pool and were hoping to have her nap there, ha! She went to bed a little early, and we have lots of sleep catch up to do- hoping for a long nap today.
    Thanks for sharing the race! That’s a great idea about shirts… hmmm… might have to work on that. 🙂
    By the way, the 10 miler you mentioned in Austin is the same weekend as the Houston half here, so I’m debating between the two, and will let you know if I decide to do it!

    1. I would buy a shirt if you made them. Not sure how much trouble that would be though, but your design is really cool….esp. for a fall race. Let me know if you decide to do the Austin race. It’s one I probably wouldn’t do on my own, but if I had friends doing it, I would.

  2. Ok, I just have to say that after you talked about butter and Parmesan popcorn, I had to try it…and it is amazing. Joseph is obsessed with popcorn and the parmesan is a great addition!

      1. Yes, the blog is quiet. I keep having ideas for blogs but am just too lazy to post them. As soon as Michael hangs the mobile in the baby room, I will be posting pics of that. Only about 2 1/2 weeks until my due date….we have been cutting it close getting ready this time. But aside from being almost 9 months pregnant with a crazy toddler, I’m doing fine…hot but fine. People shouldn’t have babies in the summer. 🙂

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