Would you read a sleep blog?

So glad it is Friday.  It’s been the usual crazy week, with multiple fails on the running front.  I think I should start planning my weeks on assuming most “planned” workouts will be fails, and then I’ll be pleasantly surprised when they aren’t.   My fast day was ruined when someone got up at 500…so I ran as fast as I could with a stroller plus 34 pounds of kid, but that’s not very fast.  My mid length run day was ruined by 4 hours of sleep, so I couldn’t make myself get up early enough to add miles, and today my bike ride was ruined by another 5am wake up.  I’m not too upset, because that’s just how it is and at least I still do somthing….but I would love it if 4 hour sleep nights were a thing of the past.  I thought about making this a blog about sleep and lack of , but decided that would make it even less interesting than it already is. 

On the sleep front, I attempted to transition Jaspy out of his crib this week.  He’s only still in it because I just cannot take creating a situation that makes even less sleep in my life…which is exactly what I did.  I am starting with just a mattress on the floor, and his sleeping bag next to it since he definitely climbs off.  Worked like a charm first night, 2nd night not so good, 3rd night pretty good, last night, not so good.    Two crappy night has me questioning if I shouldn’t wait it out a little longer since he  seems fine with a crib.  These are the kind of things I worry about….yes, my life is that exciting.

I also stay up too late watching the Olympics, then getting mad at myself for giving the horrendous coverage the time of day.  My fave so far has been the men’s 10000.  Amazing.  I was over the swimming pretty quick, and over beach volleyball even quicker.  Why aren’t weightlifting, table tennis, and wrestling in prime time?

Ok…my ramble post will end soon, but a quick story which restored my weakened faith in humanity.  After swimming, Jasp and I get cupcakes at a nearby bakery.  He dropped his pink cupcake (his favorite color…so cute) in the parking lot, and nothing would salvage it.  Massive meltdown with hitting and biting.  We went back to get another one, and there was a guy there getting a coffee and said he’d buy Jasp another cupcake.  I told him “it’s ok, it’s not a big deal”.  He replied “I know it’s not a big deal, but I’d like to do it.”  The stars aligned when I got Jasper to say his version of thank you, and quit his tantrum instantly when handed a new pink cupcake to take two licks of the frosting and hand it to me.  Anyhow, it made my day that a nice stranger would do something like that.

Time to punch back in…long run, swimming, bubble festival and hopefully an IPA or two up this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Would you read a sleep blog?”

  1. What a nice gesture from a stranger! I’m nervous about the crib to bed transition too… L’s never climbed out, so we’re making the crib last as long as we can, but will probably move her this fall before she’s 3. Good luck getting more sleep!

    1. Seriously considering keeping the crib! He’s never climbed out, so yes I wonder why get him out other than it seems like he’s getting to old to be in a crib.

  2. I miss the baby cage….err…crib. Joseph climbed out at about 18 months. It was too soon for me. We struggled with the toddler bed up until recently and you know what solved it? A pillow. Oddly enough, I put a spare full sized pillow in there and he now LOVES his bed. I know all kids are different, but I thought I would share what helped us. Good luck! The cupcake story made me sad…I think I would cry if I dropped my cupcake too. 🙂

  3. If you can, I would hold off on the crib to toddler bed transition! Of course, once they start crawling out, we decided to make the switch (oldest was 26 months old) and bed time has been a struggle ever since she realizes she can get out of her bed and her room. We tried a baby gate on the door (with the door open) so she would not feel trapped but had to stay in her room but they only made her even more angry! We are now at a point where we can at least get her to stay in her room and stay quiet in her bed (we have her in bed for 8) but most nights, she is up playing in her bed until past 9. This makes getting up in the morning so much fun:( But, the good news is that she at least sleeps later in the morning giving me time to squeeze in a run before the craziness of the day begins. Good luck once you decide to make the transition.

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