Big boy bed (and a little running tossed in)…

Warning…mostly non running content ahead:

We did end up getting Jasper his big boy bed this weekend.  He slept all last week on his crib mattress on the floor or a sleeping bag (per his choice).  We ended up deciding to get a good quality (as in comfy enough for an adult) twin mattress set, but stored the box spring in the garage.  So he’s been doing a mattress on the floor and seems to be digging it.  He works it a little harder to not go to sleep, but once he’s down, he stays put.  He has had some wake ups as he always does, but nothing out of the ordinary.  He also stays put when he wakes up.  He does use the full real estate of the mattress but overall, he stays on it.  We kept a crib bumper as a pillow, and he seems to find security in that.  Soooo, it seems to be working (fingers and toes crossed).  Transitions are so very difficult, I really hope that for once we don’t say “In hindsight, we should have done that differently.”  Anyhow, just FYI in case anyone else is thinking of making the switch.

On the running front, stroller run and successful speed session so far this week…yay.  Made it to yoga last night too, double yay!  Still feeling inspired by that incredible Olympic men’s marathon.  Seriously, google all you can about it, if you missed it.  It’s a reminder to run smart, and put it all together when it counts.

Ok…break over, time to work!

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