More fails, the plastic bubble, and brimstone…

The week started out good, but then things went astray.  The fact is, getting in workouts with a young child is just super hard.  You parents with 2,3, or more kids, I have no idea how you do it and I am not worthy.  And single parents are in a whole different league…I feel like such a wimp just thinking about all the juggling that occurs.  Let’s face it, “work-life balance” is just a polite way of saying “I have more stuff to do than I can get to so what can I not do and not feel like crap over blowing it off?”  For me this week I had to cut runs short.  I missed my bike ride this morning.  While Operation Big Boy Bed is going better than I expected, I still had a couple 4 hours sleep nights if I hadn’t snoozed the alarm for 30 minutes.  Hence the shortened runs.  Back in the early newborn baby days when my life was ruled by adrenaline and a likely low level of mania, 4 hours of sleep seemed excessive.  Now, it means mid day lattes and struggling to get my job done.  So I compromised workouts.  I admit, I hate missing runs, cutting them short, whatever.   It makes me grouchy.  But I do the best I can and sometimes forces out of my control such as diaper that leak in the middle of the night, or dinosaur pillows that are easily rolled off in the middle of the night alter my plans.

The next few days will be a strollerpalloza.  Mike is out of town, and while I won’t get in a 20 miler, come hell or high water I plan to run.  Since Jaspy enjoys the stroller now, I ordered an all weather cover.    I can’t even tell you what it costs; it’s depressing to say I spent that much on a plastic bubble, but I figure the cost is worth it if I don’t it keeps me running if we do get hell and brimstone or high water. 

Ok…back to work.  So. Ready. For. The. Weekend.

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