What I learned so far this weekend…

What do you think? So chic….

Mike is out of town.  It’s just me, Jasp, and Pancake and the voices she hears.  Our total obsession with swimming continues, but something happened this week.  Just like that, Jasp started refusing to put his head in the water.  He has a doggy paddle stroke now.  But he swallows a lot of water with his new not-so-graceful stroke.  His swim teacher said some kids will do that and eventually go back to swimming normally.  BUT, he woke up wheezing after his nap yesterday.  He really wanted to go for swim #2, and we did, but his lungs sounded worse and worse.  The lifeguard said he sounded like he was aspirating a ton of water.  So that’s what I learned….lungs full of water really do lead to trouble, as he now has a fever (although the wheezing is better).  So that meant little sleep for me, and a questionable chance of stroller running in the am.  Luckily it happened.  I savored 7 stroller miles because I knew that may be the best part of my day…and Cake joined us too.  I wish my arms looked as buff as they feel when I run 7 miles pushing a stroller and being pulled by a border collie at the same time.

I also learned Cannellini beans make an incredible addition to pasta sauce.  The start to fall apart and make the sauce taste really creamy.   This is the kinda stuff that makes me happy when I’m solo with a sick kid.  Just the fact I ate real food makes me happy and that I didn’t eat standing over the sink while I clean up.  I did do that this morning though after I made french toast while still dripping sweat.  Don’t be jealous that my life is so glamourous.

I probably need to take advantage of the fact Jasp agreed to a nap after not having any real kid free time during yesterday’s wheeze fest.  My house commands some attention.   Stay tuned…I’m sure I have more things to learn this weekend.  I am scheming on how I will get a sick kid to go along with a little retail therapy for tax free weekend.   We shall see if I can pull that one off….


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