You’re awesome…

A boxed chocolate milk is a little bit of heaven…especially when you wear your new goggles.

The last week or so has been the usual challenge.   Jasper changed his wake up time to 5am, so all my runs are stroller runs.

I spent Saturday following the Leadville 100 online, and marveled that so many of the top women finishers were moms.  I’d like to think I am a kindred spirit with the ultra running moms who I assume are also up early getting their miles in, but in reality it’s just not so.  I am up early, plodding slowly with a stroller, nervously glancing at my watch wondering if I can cram in a couple more miles before I need to get ready for work, 20 minutes is long enough for Jasper and I to both eat and get ready, right?   I finish my run slower and with less miles than I would like.   Meanwhile the ultra mom has managed a 15 miler, and that’s probably an easy day.  I also vow to pop in a yoga DVD once Jasp goes to bed, but by the time 9pm rolls around, I end up cleaning up the kitchen and watching 30 minutes of “Breaking Bad” instead.  Total loser.

I plod along with my stroller wondering why I can’t seem to get it together; after all my I only have one kid, he’s far out of baby stage, and I only work part time.    While I manage to do the basics of life pretty well, I just don’t seem to get in the runs I would like to be doing.  Once again…thoughts of the super ultra moms creep into my head.  How do they do it?

This morning starts out the same:  I am up at 445, getting ready to run, when Jasp steps out of his room.  Guess I am getting a partner again.  No biggie, a stroller run beats no run.  We step out into the early morning, and it does occur to me how crazy it must look to be hauling a kid out at 5am.

Up ahead we spot a speedy looking woman running.  She’s jaunty, and fit looking to contrast my hunched over plod.    We pass by her,  and I offer the smile that we early morning runners always give each other.  She shoots back “You’re awesome!”

Now, I am painfully aware on the scale of awesomeness I am so far from the awesome category.   I am on the “totally not awesome” side of the scale.  But for just maybe a quarter mile of that run I felt awesome.  Ok…I always feel happy on a run, but I felt less pitiful and maybe just a little bit like the ultra moms and their early morning runs.   Reality came back by the time I was passing a sippy cup of milk at mile 3, but I had my brief moment of awesomeness this morning.

Thanks, random runner…I needed that little pick me up.

10 thoughts on “You’re awesome…”

  1. Okay, it’s ALL about perspective. On MY scale of awesomeness (what I like to think of as the reasonable-person-working-mommy-of-small-children scale), you are on the SUPER DUPER AWESOME end of the scale. On YOUR scale of awesomeness (let’s call it the professional-athlete-or-superhuman-or-possibly-a-little bit neurotic-ultrarunner-scale), you’re still somewhere slightly to the right of AWESOME. I guess I’m trying to say that, if you’re managing to stay fit and also SANE during this extremely challenging working/mommy-of-small-children phase of your life, you are TOTALLY awesome. It’s all about adjusting your scale — and sanity should be a factor that is included somewhere. Sanity is, after all, just as important as fitness (and probably even more important where kids are concerned). So, if it takes sacrificing a few miles and a Yoga DVD (a little fitness) for a clean house and some Breaking Bad (a little sanity), you totally shouldn’t feel less awesome. MOST people in our place, don’t manage exercise at all. On the normal people scale, you are in the top 1/2 of 1 percent. Read SUPER DUPER AWESOME!

    Carry on warrior . . . .

    1. I do agree it’s all perspective….and so many times I find out those doing super human things do not work outside the house and have family helping them, so it’s all relative. I certainly don’t want to come off as a pity party…more like poking a little fun at myself and thankful that a stranger said something so nice. And you are the real warrior….2 kids under 3 and full time job…I am not worthy!

  2. I had a woman (a random one) come up at the gym to me today and tell me : “You’re awesome, I see you here all the time, and I wanted to let you know your waist line is getting smaller. I know how important it is to us women, and wanted to tell you”. Made my day. Because all I see is my waist line getting bigger! Anyhow, you’re awesome and that’s all you have to know. Keep plodding!

    1. Thanks…I am sure your waistline is not getting bigger! I am impressed that not only do your workout like you do, but you eat super healthy too. That is real willpower!

  3. Chiming in to agree with Stephanie 100%. I think you do way more in the fitness department than most working moms with young children (myself included), and you do it super early so you can then entertain your energetic 2 year old all weekend with no rest. And you may not work full time, but don’t you work 4 x 8 hour days and have Jasper out of daycare on the 5th day? And you have a commute. So you are not working part time in the sense that it gives you any kid-free time to yourself. I have not actually investigated it, but I think it is unlikely that many (if any) of the women winning ultra races work 32+ hours at a job and have a 2 year old.

    1. Yes, I agree that most of the “super women” probably have some kind of help or no outside of the house work. But sometimes I just have those days I feel like I cannot get it together! But thank you for such nice comments. We need to get the kids together soon! Are you ever off Wed. afternoons anymore?

  4. Work is really busy right now leading up to September 15th, but I’ll have more time in the fall and would love to have a playdate. Did you say you guys go south for speech therapy? If so, maybe we could meet up after that sometime, before you get all the way back up north.

    This pregnancy has been kicking my butt so far, way worse that last time. So I am feeling extra un-awesome. 11 1/2 weeks, so hoping to turn the corner soon.

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