More awesomeness…

Yesterday  after speech therapy Jasp and I went to Whole Foods.   He was rolling on the floor crying for no reason in front of the yogurt when some adorable, in full lululemon clothes, with two well behaved kids in the cart mom rounds the corner, almost rolling over him.  I quickly apologized and thought she can’t possibly understand a crying child in front of the yogurt when her TWO kids are sitting so perfectly in the cart.  I happened to be wearing a Boston marathon t-shirt and instead of chastizing me for letting my kid roll around on the floor she said “Oh my gosh, did you run Boston?  That’s so awesome!”

Wow…I will take my awesomeness whenever I can!

BTW…my Brit running partner Mark tells me when Brits try and imitate an American accent they use the word awesome a lot.  Apparently they think we all talk like Jeff Spicoli.    Hopefully any of you who read this know who Jeff Spicoli is…and why he is so awesome.  🙂

4 thoughts on “More awesomeness…”

  1. I FINALLY get to comment! I’ve been reading, swear 🙂 Talk about yet another boost by that lady! Between her and the lady you blogged about recently, I would be on cloud 9.


  2. That’s hilarious that she noticed your shirt while he’s rolling around. 🙂 You are awesome! And I’m glad I’m not the only one whose kid knows how to throw a fit in public.

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