Hi my name is bonky…

Today was a 20 miler.  We had a little cold front this week and temps dropped by about 5 degrees.  That’s huge in Texas summer terms.  There were a couple of really pleasant mornings this week.   It’s over though.  Mark met me nice and early, got out of his car and announced it was 78 degrees.

The run was fine for the first 12 miles.  I ran with Mark for 9 then headed off on my own.  At 12 I felt completely bonky…hungry, slowing pace, completely negative about the run.  I thought about calling it a day and trying again tomorrow or next week, but decided that in my busy life, when I set aside time to do this stuff unless I am sick, I need to see it through…Power gummies down the hatch with 8 miles to go.  I thought I might hit my car before 20 miles, and would have to decide how to add on.  I also had a hard stop time of 815, with 800 being the more ideal stop time.  I hit my car at 19.6 miles and 2 minutes past my hard stop time.  I called it.  You probably are thinking “what kind of loser can’t manage .4 more miles?”  Well, the kind who signed their kid up for early Saturday swimming lessons and has to shower before.

Then the whirlwind commenced:  40 minutes to stuff my face and shower, try not to faint in impossibly hot and humid indoor pool room, then off for a chocolate milk and iced latte, then a choo choo ride, some bird feeding and jumping up and down steps until a fall with minor amounts of blood ended that (Jasp, not me).  Then Costco while the injured jumper napped, then pool #2 and swimming.  Then pure exhaustion…where I am at now.  So with all that I am considering my 19.6 a 20 miler.  Close enough!

The other moral of this story is despite trying to stay positive all summer about our hot weather, I am ready for fall.  I am ready to finish a long run and not feel like crap the rest of the day.  I am ready to enjoy HOT coffee and not have to chug 2 coconut waters when I get done.  I am ready to go to swimming lessons and not worry that I will humiliate myself in front of the other parents by passing out.

And Jasper graduated up to the next level in swimming.  I am SO PROUD of him.  Not everything comes easy for him because of his speech and watching him become such a good swimmer has been the highlight of my summer.

You know you’re a runner who’s just done 20 miles in the summer when you decide to sleep in compression socks.   20 miles+sweating out all electrolytes 3 times over = sore.

4 thoughts on “Hi my name is bonky…”

  1. I managed 19M yesterday, and luckily wasn’t planning any more to begin with. But I surely hope that 10% rule for temps adjustment really exists, because right now I can’t see myself even breaking 4hrs in a maraton, yet along passing it by. Good job, girl.

    1. 19 miles! You are soooo a road runner now. I agree with you on the times…I cannot imagine making my goal of a Boston qualifier, and am praying cooler temps will make a difference.

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