Just me rambling some more…

Watch out pigeon!!

How cute is this:  Jasp loves to go for a run with me, and during the Olympics he did a pretty good job of watching the men’s and women’s marathons with me.  He was saying “run, run, run” (or as he says it “one, one, one”) yesterday and pointing to the tv.  I realized he wanted to watch running!  Luckily the Olympic marathon was still on the DVR, so we put it on.  “Yay, One!!!” was Jasp’s response.  This morning again he requested to watch “One” on tv.   The Olympic marathon has been saved on our DVR, and we will not be deleting it.  Mike thought it was cute, but also asked “why couldn’t he do this with baseball?”    I felt a small victory that at least for now my sport is the favorite.  🙂

In my running news, I realized that I am less than 8 weeks out from my marathon.  Yes, it’s just my small little local race, but I am hoping to hit my Boston time so I can run it in 2014 when I think Jasp will be old enough to enjoy the trip, go to a Red Sox game with Mike, go to the science museum, etc.   I am no where near where I would like to be time wise to do this.  I know a lot of it is it’s so hot, but I am a little worried.  I have my work cut out for me over the next few weeks.

Have I mentioned I have a race this weekend?  Actually two!  Well, first there is MommyRun Fast’s virtual 10 mile race.  I may cheat on that one and make the first 10 of my long run the “race”.  But, you can still sign up on her blog if you are interested.  Lots of good prizes!  Then I signed up for the Burning Pine 10K in Bastrop.  First off it is sponsored by a new brewery, which as the wife of a home brewer, I strongly support new yummy beer!  Next, it was only $30, and it is for local Bastrop charities, so I figured worst case if I can’t run I made a $30 donation.  Finally, even though I shy away from shorter races, I figured giving it a max effort would be a good way to remember what pushing myself felt like.   Mike signed up for the 5K and was planning on running with Jasp in the stroller while I raced, until I noticed on the website no strollers.  Ok..it may just be me, but how can you bill yourself as a family event and not allow strollers?  I get it if it was the New York City marathon or something, but this is small town race with a couple hundred runners at best.  WTF?  So, I am a little less excited for it now, but at any rate it will be interesting.

And that’s about it.  Off today for Jasp’s appts, then swimming and I am sure a cupcake trip will be thrown in as well.



4 thoughts on “Just me rambling some more…”

  1. You should e-mail the race director and ask about the stroller. I signed up for the giant 10 Miles/20 Stages race a few months back ($80 entry fee) and planned on running it with Amelia. Then, after I paid my non-refundable fee, I noticed the stroller rule. I e-mailed the race director with a pathetic message about how Amelia is my race running buddy and that I wouldn’t be able to run if I didn’t bring her (true) and asked how strictly they were going to enforce the rule.
    She replied, “No problem, just make sure you start in the back.” We did. It was fun. Amelia had a great time! You should definitely at least ask.

    1. I may just have to do that. I cannot imagine what harm someone walking a 5K with the stroller could do. I also imagine I am not the only one who wants to bring one.

  2. That’s awesome that he loves running already! My husband would have said the same thing about baseball. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the virtual race! Can’t believe how close your marathon is… I had considered signing up for it but am glad I didn’t as my shin acted out last month and I’m still trying to build my long runs back up to where they were. This “cooler” weather has been so nice!

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