Is there an all marathon channel?

This is my favorite picture ever…

Jasp and I did a stroller run this morning.  He’s been asking for one since he started watching the Olympic marathon (he watched it again this morning).  Plus, I actually hadn’t done a stroller run in a week, and I didn’t want to lose my “stroller arms”.    He’s not been getting up at 500 since he finally converted into sleeping in our bed after his 2am wake up.

He never has wanted to sleep in our bed.  I tried many times to get him to when we were out of town, or nights I just couldn’t take another minute sitting up in the chair with him while he slept and then refused to transfer to his crib.  So now that he has his big boy bed, it took him a week or so to figure out he can come out at night and either come into our room or stand in the hall and cry mommy.  So, he’s been sleeping in our bed after about 2am, but the key word is sleeping.  I prefer this to sitting in a chair for 2 hours in the middle of the night, and any amount of little feet jamming into me doesn’t wake me up.  Mike on the other hand, is not as big of a fan of late night Jasper.

But I do love this little running obsession. I just hope it lasts long enough for kids’ 5K races, or joining me the last couple miles of my run.  Maybe this will never happen, but I’ll stay hopeful.  Mike is already sick of watching the marathon rerun, and I’m sure it doesn’t help that I keep encouraging it. 🙂

For now, we’ll stick with our swimming though!


3 thoughts on “Is there an all marathon channel?”

  1. I love the picture, and am so impressed with Jasper’s swimming abilities. I finally got Maya to one session of swim lessions at the Y, and it was just okay. I think we may need to try the swim school you guys go to. She LOVES to go swimming, but still very much likes wearing her life jacket or floaties, and does not enjoy going all the way under.

    I’m glad you found something that works for you to get more sleep. We had a lot of Maya in bed with us at various times. My philosophy for her whole 3.5 years has been to go with whatever works to give everyone the most sleep. She still wakes up and joins us in the middle of the night occassionally, but at this point not more that a couple times a month probably. We switched to a king bed when she was maybe around 2, and it made things soooo much better. I have no intentions of ever going back to a queen.

  2. We go to Emler and I love it. It is expensive though. And yes, we have a king bed too and it makes a big difference. Jasper has plenty of room to wiggle around.

  3. That picture is amazing!! I can’t believe what a little fish he is in the water. And I’m so glad to hear you’re all getting more sleep. We are the same, do whatever works!

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