The craptastic summer continues.  I took today off so I could replace every important thing I own since my car window got smashed out and my purse not so discreetly under the seat was stolen.  I love spending my morning at the DPS.  You know it’s not good when you pull up and the line wraps outside and around the building.    Got it done though.  I now have at least have a driver’s license.  I remain phone less.   Mike is in charge of all Apple products in our home and according to him I’m in some sorta cell phone limbo where the insurance money won’t come close to paying for a new iphone since I’m not quite due for an update, so I left it up to him to decide on a cheapie phone or other option so complicated I won’t bore you with it.  Anyhow, I generally don’t use the phone much other than for internet, but in the rare event anyone who reads this wants to call or text me, it won’t happen for a couple days.  I almost laughed when it happened though.  “Oh gee, another super crappy thing…I’ll just add it to the list.”

I’ll make this short since I want to clean house before I go get Jasp.  I timed out on my 20 miler this weekend and made it 18.  I took Jasper to two separate swimming sessions after my run and did yard work while he napped.   Nothing like a long run and an entire day in the sun…that won’t give you a dehydration headache or anything.  I’m calling the 18 good enough though….you do what you can sometimes.  I am just happy fall is around the corner and I have two marathons!  Something to look forward to.

Ok…off to clean.   I’m am discovering Border Collies + title floors = hair balls hidden in every corner.  


Fail and succeed…

Pre-swim apple sauce snack.

Mark and I ran this morning and we were talking about motivation.  The reason I like to do  fall marathons is I like the motivation during the tough summer months.  I don’t have any trouble going for a run most of the time, but keeping up the long runs, or the hard runs isn’t easy in our Texas summers without something on the calendar.   More and more I am figuring out to plan out what I want to do for the week and just know that a couple workouts will not happen, and that’s just the way it’s going to be.   This week had a speed workout that was a 6 miler with 3 minute intervals in it.  I got that one done.  yay.  My schedule also had a 10 miler on it.  Big fail.  Am I  the only one who just cannot seem to get the mid distance midweek runs done?   I had some bad sleep nights and jus could not force myself to get up early enough for the 10 miles.   I also had my “strength training” yesterday during Jasper’s nap.   Another fail.  No nap, so I got about half of it done while I let Jasp eat a snack in front of the tv.  Aside note:  I really need to rename the strength training…”exercises I keep hearing are really good for me, but I really hate doing”.    How does that sound?

We runners (or triathletes) are hard on ourselves.  Our lives are as full as anyone else’s and we are trying to cram in daily workouts on top of it all.  Each week I can shoot for the moon, knowing there is no way I’ll get there, but hopefully I’ll get most of the way.   I’ve finally learned to just keep evenings free.   Maybe you get things done in the evenings…I never do.  This week my only evening goal was Olympic watching, and that I could manage.  

One workout we do keep managing is swimming, swimming, swimming.  I am so proud of Jasp and what a good swimmer he’s become.   Not like I haven’t mentioned it a million times.  There’s nothing like watching the huge grin creep across his face as he launches himself into the water.  Post swim cupcakes are nice too.  🙂