Weekend wrap up…long runs, missed runs, pancakes, and “jump in water”…

It’s still 100 degrees here, guess what we did all weekend?

The long run went fantastic this weekend. 16 miles, which may not seem that long to some, but it was brutally hot and humid. September doesn’t mean fall in Texas. I picked a very hilly route, and while not super fast, I felt good. I used it for my MommyRunFast virtual run, but failed to check my time at the 10 miles mark, for a 10 mile virtual race, so my race is a guesstimate. I had a Honey Stinger Waffle for the first time, and I’m undecided if I liked it or not. It’s just so different from the average running food. I have another to try, so maybe next run I can declare love it or hate it. I do love the idea of it. A small, calorie dense waffle? Yes, please.

My 10K race in Bastrop did not happen on Sunday. Boo for no strollers allowed. Even a plea to the race director and a promise to start in the back did nothing. Bottom line, I learned to check the rules every time I register for something. Not that I wanted to run with the stroller, but Mike had some conflicting plans, and it was stroller or nothing. So Jasp and I did our own run, came home and made Greek yogurt pancakes.  I also got in yoga and today am so sore!

I have been making these for the last month or so. It’s a variation on a recipe I found online. They seem too simple to be possible, but I swear this is the best pancake recipe I have ever made. I like to top them with stuff that isn’t syrup…like peanut butter, and more yogurt. I keep meaning to post the recipe, so here it is:

Greek yogurt Granola Pancakes
1 c. Fage nonfat greek yogurt
1/2 c. flour
1 egg
Handful of oats
Handful of granola
1 tsp. baking soda
1 Tbsp. sugar (optional)
Water as needed to thin batter out
Mix everything. Batter will be very thick, so just add in enough water to make it spreadable. Cook on a griddle if you are lucky enough to have one. They take a little while to cook through.

I promise they taste better than my picture looks.

Today was an 8 miler with Mark.  It was originally going to be my 10 mile virtual race, but I was super sore from my hilly 16, and yoga.  So yeah, I can’t even manage a virtual race!  It was also free day of yoga in Austin, so I went to a quick, short class.  Is this a national thing on Labor Day or just in Austin?

It is definitely summer still.  This weekend was 100 degrees everyday.  So of course we went swimming all 3 days.  We also did something we should have done months ago…we joined the YMCA.   There is one by my house, and I initially poo-pooed it, because the Y is really expensive.  But Mark told me how great it is with a huge indoor and outdoor pool and we can use a ton of different locations.  They have yoga, and all my studio passes had expired.  The Y was just a little more money than a new yoga pass, but there is a lot more stuff, especially the swimming pools for Jasp.   So we pulled the trigger.  Jasp and I went to the pool today, and it was fantastic.  It’s a 5 minute drive tops, has huge water slides, and in the winter, we can head indoors and swim.  Plus, if I ever find a hole in my schedule in addition to yoga there is pilates and spin…well, and a huge weight room I probably won’t use unless I find myself with a whole new schedule.  Anyhow, I wish we had done it sooner…it seems like we will use a lot there and hopefully justify the monthly cost.

Lots of leisure activities I want to get to this week.  I am re-watching Ken Burns’ National Parks PBS series and I have two new running magazines.  It’s the little things in life I tell ya.  One quick story and then I’ll sign off this mega post.  I was flipping through the new Runner’s World next to Jasp on the couch the other day while he was watching Cars for the 8 billionth time.  He snatched it from me, and pointed to the extremely fit looking girl on the cover and said “Mommy!”.  Now about the only thing I have in common with the model on the cover is we both wear our hair in a ponytail.  But I do appreciate Jasper’s vote of confidence.

7 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up…long runs, missed runs, pancakes, and “jump in water”…”

    1. Have you heard it’s supposed to cool off a little this weekend? Yay!!!!! I agree that Saturday was brutally humid. The whole weekend was rough, which is why we went swimming everyday.

  1. Glad you joined the Y, and isn’t that a great pool? We were there every day this weekend too. The one by 51st has a nice outdoor pool as well. That one has a pirate ship.

    PS. Olga – I cut my run short on Saturday too. No hobby should cause that much misery 🙂
    PPS. pancakes look great

    1. Hey did you know we can use the Wilco facilities with our memberships? We just pay full price if we want to take any kind of class. That Twin Lakes pool looks awesome!

  2. The Greek Yogurt Pancakes look great. I will try them this weekend. Thanks.
    Congratulations on joining the Y, I’m sure you are going to love it!!
    Hugs, Helen

  3. So glad you got to participate in the virtual race, thanks!! I love the ingredient list in those pancakes, they sound so good!
    Yep- not fall here yet… although I think I felt the slightest breeze on my run this morning and that gave me hope. 🙂

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