The post that never happened.

Jasper does not eat a lot of foods, but frosting is one of them.   Seems logical to me.

I have started this post about 4 times in the last 3 days.  It seems to go no where.  I have some posts planned, so hopefully tomorrow at speech therapy something will materialize.  In the meantime….marathon training goes well, especially with our new cooler weather, but I am painfully slow.  Frustrating.   I am waiting for Jasp to start showing little scales and little gills….as I cannot get him out of the water.  We swim a lot.  A lot.  Which is maybe why I couldn’t come up with a good post this weekend.  Run, swim, eat is how my weekends go.

More later….

Oh yeah, one more thing:  Would you enter the Boston marathon if you were in this year, doubtful you’d ever be able to get in again, but would not have a travel buddy?  I may just be pondering the same thing…and yes I am aware my life must be pretty good if this is the type of thing I worry about.  🙂

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