All done sleep…

Hardcore at the playground, rain will not keep us away.

I’m about to go get my booty handed to me in yoga, so this will be quick.   Yesterday I only had a 15 mile run (you get to say obnoxious things like that when you are marathon training).  I wanted to make it a really honest effort, aka sorta hard.  Mark ran Balcones with me, which has got to be one of my all time favorite routes, and I am hurting from those hills today.  I really felt I had to make it count though, especially when Mike was sacrificing his sleep so I could go run without the small blond one, who woke up at 430 and declared “All done sleep.”  After yoga today, plus those hills from yesterday, tomorrow may be painful.  The run was better than they have been but still on the slow side.   Darn.

Today I ran from home in case he who cannot sit still woke up early again, but he didn’t, so the run was just me.  We went to the playground early to beat the forecast rain, and ended up with some drizzle.

Jasper isn’t the only one who went down the slide in the rain. And she did this with no prompting. I was impressed.

I love that our ‘hood has three great playgrounds we can walk to.   We are hitting playgrounds again after only doing water stuff all summer.  It’s finally cool enough.  I do have to say I will miss outdoor swimming a little even though I’ve gone three times a week since about May.  Although I won’t miss coating us both in tons of greasy sunscreen….a huge plus to indoor pools.


I also got to go our with my friend Kitty for a girls’ dinner, which was a huge treat.  We had lots of tapas style goodies at Contigo.   I love the fact so many restaurants in Austin do the whole little plate thing so you get to try a lot.  This is important when I only go to restaurants like this a few times a year.   As usual I was starving and probably ate 10 different little plates of things, so hopefully I did not embarrass Kitty.

Ok…gotta muster up some energy and head out to yoga while the little boys naps.


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