A weekend haiku…and explanation…

I happen to think Jaspy is the cutest little boy in the world…especially when he eats frozen custard.

20 miles are now done.

The boy jumped, swam, and saw some cats.

Okra makes me smile.

So I’ve got a 20 miler in the books.   Here’s what I’ve finally figured out about balancing 20 milers with kid activities that go on all weekend:  I get 3 hours to run, max.  And that’s if I start at 5am.  800 is done time.  So what I get done just depends on how fast or how slow I run.  I call it done at 800 regardless of where I am.   The goal this weekend was 20-22, but I did 20.  With being a couple of minutes late, an emergency bathroom stop, and running into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and oh, yeah, I’m not very fast, 20 miles took the whole 3 hours.   The good news is I had company for 8, and did the rest on my own.  I ran a super hilly, challenging route.  My body felt good.  The bad news is it wasn’t near the pace I wanted.  Poo.  More on that later.

I had a whirlwind Saturday.  I rushed home after my run, shoveled in a bowl of cereal and took Jasp to swimming.  We then made our routine Starbucks stop, and I savored an iced pumpkin spice latte.  We then went to a neighborhood fall festival and had a blast.  There was a ton of great things, especially for kids, but we focused on the bounce house, the bake sale with cupcakes, and the cat rescue group.  Jasp would bounce until an older kid knocked him down, then start sobbing, and the only thing he would find solace in was going over the the rescue cats up for adoption in their little cages and saying “Hi Cat.” in between sobs.  Repeat process multiple times, until nap was 30 minutes overdue and I drug him away screaming.  Then while he napped I had my weekend Costco trip.  I was excited fresh pre-cut butternut squash is back, and once again I did not give into temptation to buy the giant thing of peanut butter cups.   Then Jasp was up and I took him to the bouncy gym.  By this point I was wearing my compression socks……I know, what a dork, but this is a lot of activity post 20  miler.   I took them off for dinner though, as we had a family spurge dinner at Contigo.  I pigged out on the okra there.  I LOVE okra.  I fell asleep before 900.

Today was a stroller run and a failed yoga class.  I did “Yoga for Runners” DVD at home…it’s a good one, BTW.   We just had too much going on for me to make it to a class, and I won’t bore you with another whirlwind day recap.

Now back to my slow run.  I thought about it.  I ran 20 miles…in a pace that is about mid pack in any given marathon, and that’s fine.  Call it excuses, but I’m busy, my weekends are really packed,  and I’m tired a lot.  I am working with my stupid head and ego to accept runs like these are ok, and my “excuses” are real.  I’m not 100% there, but I am definitely better.  I am thinking of changing some things up with my run schedule but that will be a whole post later this week…I hope.

And to my mom friends who read this (2 or 3 of you maybe?):  How do you deal with the swamped feeling?  I get my big things taken care of:  family, job, run.  But lately I feel the little thing are getting away from me:  housework, cooking, shopping (for those things you need, but cannot get online).  How do you fit it in without doing crazy things like cleaning your bathrooms at 900 on Friday night?  Am I the only one who does this?

10 thoughts on “A weekend haiku…and explanation…”

  1. You have your husband help with chores, so you can get in a few personal shopping trips by yourself!!!!
    Yes, I agree with you that Jasper is the cutest little boy in the world, period!!!

  2. Your weekend recaps always make me want to nap 🙂

    Yep, I am a crazy lady that gets cleaning done at 9 pm… I’ve gotten better over the past few months because I’m delegated certain rooms to days of the week. Wednesdays we don’t have anything going on, so I save it for the biggest room, and if I get more done then so be it. I definitely have to be creative. My husband does help, but with his schedule [Army] I can’t always count on him to even be home!

    1. Glad I am not the only one who cleans bathrooms whenever the free time comes up. I try and do little bits all week, but somehow never feel like it’s all done either!

  3. 20 miles in 3 hours is not all that slow! Are you aiming for a pace closer to your marathon pace on long runs? I’ve been back and forth between long runs close to MP and long runs 1-2 minutes slower…
    As far as the household stuff, I’m feeling totally swamped today after a weekend away. Generally, my husband is good about helping if I ask him to, but he doesn’t see it and initiate it… I’ve also found that my standards have dropped. The house is not spotless! Having people over for dinner is always great motivation for us to work together to get it cleaned up… but of course, that creates it’s own work and stress, too!

    1. I try and hit marathon pace for at least part of my long runs. It scares me to run MP for a shorter run, but have it feel “fast”. Then I wonder how I am going to do that for 20 miles. I guess I will find out in a few week…this is the slowest I’ve ever done my long runs.
      Yes, going away for a weekend is a killer. It’s so nice to get away but when you get home it’s chaos!

  4. I never get it all done. We have someone come and do the hard stuff (bathrooms and floors) twice a month. Our lawn looks like a jungle most of the time. Here is my order of priority: Sanity, Daily “Quality” Time with Kids, Sleep, Work, Running, Cleaning. Because sleep, kids, and sanity now outrank running, I run a LOT less, and clean even less. If I manage to get the dishes done every night, lunches made and clean clothes on everyone in the morning, I count myself a successful housewife. And since I have total control over my own priority list, I’m okay with all of this (although I admit that it took some time to adjust to the changes). Bottom line — everything doesn’t get done. And that’s okay. My kids probably won’t remember whether I picked up their toys every night, and they also won’t be able to remember whether I ran six miles or sixty last week, but they may remember that we had a total blast doing a messy project with food coloring, flour and water in the kitchen . . .
    All that being said, I do acknowledge that some of amazing people do manage to do it all without sacrificing anything. I’m not one of you. And I’m okay with that too :-).

    1. I am definitely not one who does it all! And remember…I work part time….with one kid. That sounds like an easy schedule and I feel like that means I shouldn’t get so swamped with stuff, but I seem to end up doing kid activities during all waking hours. I think working full time with two kids gives you a pass on housework!

  5. It doesn’t all get done, and yes, cleaning at any hour works for me. You do a ton more with Jasper all weekend than we do, but Maya seems to really enjoy some time to chill at home and play with her toys, books, etc. so I don’t feel neglectful at all. Plus, Adam and I tend to do some stuff all together, but then definitely trade off times on the weekends so that we can do some things on our own.

    Regarding the long run, you definitely seem to have a different marathon training philosophy than I had when I was running them. My best is a 3:29:XX (squeaked under my goal of 3:30) which was an 8 min/mile pace. Even then, my 20 milers certainly would have averaged 9 min miles (or slower if hot). I firmly agree with the idea that long run pace should be 30 seconds to 1:30 slower than MGP. Of course there were exceptions for a few key long run workouts with planned MGP sections or progressive pace finishes, but overall, 9 min/average was plenty fast, even in my best marathon shape. Other weekly workouts would generally include a quality day with intervals/hills/etc and a tempo run or an MGP run (which might be 8 miles total with 6 at MGP), and the rest easy runs. I’m not sure what BQ time you are shooting for, but I’m guessing its not faster than 3:30, so running your 20 miler in 3 hours (exactly 9 min average, and you had at least one stop), sounds perfect. I would venture to say that most marathon training plans (at least the ones I have read) would probably agree with this point on long runs.

    That said, I have noticed over my years of training, that most of my similar pace running friends (when I am in training shape and not injured or pregnant) tend to be MUCH smaller than me, and almost invariably they like to run the long and easy days at a quicker pace than I would prefer, but my quality workouts are just as fast or faster, and we tend to even out with race pace. So clearly different people (and perhaps different body types) have different tendencies. You clearly fall into the group that likes to move at a relatively quick pace all the time. (I know you call it slow, but for the general public, it is not).

    So, I just wrote a book. My comment is excessive, but I do find this interesting (and I’m not even allowed any exercise at all at the moment due to some pregnancy complications, so talking about it is all I can do). Also: this is why when you say you are running pretty slow, I never agree/believe you. 🙂

    And yes, Jasper is the cutest! (Assuming mine on the way isn’t a boy, as that would obviously change my mind).

    1. So sorry to hear you have a complication. I hope it isn’t anything too serious.

      I know about doing your long runs slower than race pace, I just always question how I can get it to come together on race day since I never seem to do the hard runs on other days like you were doing with Rogue. I run alone a lot and run pretty easy most days. I would feel more confident if I was running race pace a little more than I am. But I am just happy to run when it comes right down to it.

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