Pumpkin patch in a parking lot..

A fall tradition: visiting a Whole Foods pumpkin patch in 90 degrees and then getting a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. I hope my sarcasm is easily detected.  There’s a really great pumpkin patch outside of town that we’ll go to later, and skip the organic Whole Foods fair trade pumpkin.

The little boy has entered a new phase in his sleep.   Going to bed has been easier lately.  Staying in bed is impossible.   So he heads into our bed around midnight.  Nightmares are common, so he’s been waking up around 300.  But that means he usually sleeps past 430-500…the time he had been getting up the past couple weeks.   So I’ve been running sans stroller the last couple days.  Why in the heck am I so slow still?   I’m in the final stages of prepping for my only goal marathon of the year and it just isn’t coming together as I had hoped.  I’ve halfway written off trying to get a Boston qualifier for 2014.   It’s a long shot for sure.  Plus, I keep getting tempted to enter this year since I am qualified for this one.  After the full registration period there are still slots open.   Please quit tempting me Boston marathon.  Leave me alone, you are too expensive to sign up for on a whim.

I think I am just super itchy to put on a racing number.  I’ve been looking forward to fall racing season, and the chance to just maybe get to do some local races.  I’m going try and avoid the “big box” races and find a smaller event or two that cost less, usually done by runners for runners, and actually are trying to support a charity.  Don’t even get me started on the 800 mud runs, obstacle runs, foam runs, all women’s mud adventure runs, etc that are on the local calendar.  I totally don’t get it.

Well..not a lot else to report on.   I do keep meaning to mention that Jasper is still watching the Olympic marathon everyday.  It’s usually his first request when he wakes up and when he gets home.  I am hoping New York is shown on tv so he has a new race to watch.


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin patch in a parking lot..”

  1. I tried to reply to this the other day but my iPad had a brain fart. I don’t get the mud runs either. I’m not about to ruin a pair of shoes on a silly race.

  2. I agree…I don’t want to ruin clothes and shoes. I also read somewhere there was a mud run where people got sick to do manure being mixed into the mud. Disgusting.

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