It’s all relative…

A couple of you who actually read this have called me out on saying a 9 min pace is slow.  Ok..you are right, it’s not and I don’t think so either.  But, it is slower than I need to run to make my goal time, and slower than I ran a year ago, hence my choice of words.

I hate when people say things discrediting what is really a big accomplishment.  In Austin we have so many ultra runners and triathletes, you actually hear people say “It’s only a marathon, that’s not a big deal.”  I’ve probably actually said that at one point or another, but I really don’t want to come off as a jerk.   Whenever I have someone ask me about getting into running as a newbie, I remind them that most people won’t even walk to get their mail, so doing a couple miles a day is huge.   We all have our own inner ego we judge ourselves by, and maybe mine comes out too often.  That is actually one reason I love yoga….I am such a novice, and just about everything is a new challenge.  I have no expectations of myself other than try to get through the class and modify as needed for poses I just cannot do.  It’s so different from running where I have expectations of myself.

At any rate I am just always happy I get out to run and get to do things like marathons.  I just love the process, the buildup of a long effort, and the feeling of finishing.  Regardless of how fast I can do it.   I just have a little selfish goal that one day I want to cross the Boston finish line again and have my family there to expereince all the traditions and festivities with me!

4 thoughts on “It’s all relative…”

  1. Good one. We judge ourselves, but not intend to imply it onto others. By the way, I’d love to call you out on 9’s as well, because I can’t make it even there on a long run, and a thought of running 8:30 for 26 miles petrifies me – honestly, no clue it is even possible. Although I still have no idea how I ran 9:00 in February. Odder crap happened, I keep telling myself. I am pretty tired of roads by now, and my legs hurt. Where are my beloved mountains??

  2. Agreed….I wonder how I once did some of the runs I did in the past. Sometimes it all comes together on race day, and I guess that is what I am hoping for!

  3. You’re right that its all relative. I’ve learned that with running its best not to compare yourself too much to others but instead to compare yourself to yourself if that makes sense. I’m painfully slow and would have given up running long ago if I was comparing myself to the speedy bunch. I would be ecstatic to run 9s at any distance but I can understand how you could be disappointed by that time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are an inspiration to me. Keep on running and blogging! I will probably still call you out when I think you are being a bit too hard on yourself.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, and I definitely don’t mean to discredit anyone’s running. It also depends on your goals. If your goal is to get moving and have fun, then who cares about your pace. And congrats on your new little man!

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