I love run….aka experimental running…

Some run to stay in shape, we run for Super Why.

This weekend was a bit of an experiment.  Ever since I went M-F at work, I run both Saturday and Sunday.  I like having the time to drive to a favorite trail and maybe meet a friend, something I can’t do during the week.  But I usually pretty tired Sunday night/ Monday.  I do a couple pretty hard runs, plus yoga most weekends.  This weekend I decided to take Sunday as an off day and see if I could deal and not implode from a missed run….yes I am just that irrational.

There was a 5K on Sunday (today).  It was super hero themed, and Jasp saw a commercial for it and was pretty hyped up about Super Why (a PBS kids show for the uninitiated).  I opted to do it this morning because 1.  5Ks are cheap.  If we didn’t end up going it was a $25 registration that all went to charity, so it’s not like a massive money loss would occur.  2.  I went in still calling it an off running day, figuring walking would be easy enough.  I had no expectations to run, so there would be no frustration of missing a run if he wasn’t into it,  and 3.  If Jasp wasn’t into it, or wanted to be carried for 3 miles, we would just bail guilt free, once again just seeing it as a charitable donation.

We met Stephanie and her kids, who are much more seasoned 5K veterans, and are used to staying in the stroller.  Jasp was really into seeing all the runners, and all the costumes for the superhero theme.  We got there an hour early since we needed to pick up a number still, and he jumped and played a lot. There were a lot of kid activities and he liked that.  He wanted to walk at first, but then was agreeable to getting into the stroller. We made it the whole walk with just cutting a little at the end.  He seemed to really like it.  When we got to our car, he declared “I love run!”  A full sentence for Jasp is a rare occurrence, so I was happy we did the event.

Would I do it again?  Well, I did kinda miss running on Sunday.  I did my long run on Friday before work, so the weekend felt a little off, without a big run.  I think going into it with zero expectations of running was key.  Kids this young are just unpredictable, and I would have been very frustrated if I had planned to run the thing as a workout, only to have Jasp refuse.  I also think picking an event that was family oriented more than runner oriented was the way to go.  There were a handful of people there to run fast, but most people could care less about the running and were there for the fun part.

So the verdict is I would do it again.  Maybe not every weekend.  If it’s another kid type run, we’ll do it.  I think in another year he’ll be doing the kids Ks anyway, and that will really be fun.

Ok..off to do a few chores while the little boy naps and dreams of running with Super Why.

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