Get over it already…

One great things that friends do is point out to you when your wrong…and they usually do it in a nice way.  My friend Steve is my phone buddy…he moved awhile back but we chat every weekend, and trade texts about our long runs: “My legs felt doughy and I was passed by a 4 year old on a tricycle, how about you?”    He emailed me and said “you’ve done Boston, you should move on.”

He’s right.  I had to admit it.  I’m busting my butt trying to hit a bucket list item I’ve done 4 times over.  I have so many runs I want to do, that next year I should shoot for something else.  I’ll push it at my marathon, but I refuse to be bummed if I don’t get the time I am hoping for.   And, it may sound like an excuse, but I’ve had a lot of runs this training cycle not go as planned. 

Anyhow, I have those other bucket list items.  I still want to do more states.  I don’t know that I’ll get them all, but I’d like to shoot for a few more.  I’d like to do a few of the Texas races I’ve never done.  I want to run the Blue Ridge marathon someday.  I want to run a marathon in Maine.  I want to run St George again.   I want to keep up my pattern I’ve established the last couple years of a fall race and a spring race, and pacing the Austin marathon in between.   You get the idea…there’s still so much out there that it is time for me to move on from one race.   It’s a bit liberating actually.

Time to hit the work again.  I see a latte in my future.  A certain little boy refused his inhaler for  his cough last night and at about 4 different times during the night woke us and declared “All done sleep.”  I don’t know about you, but my sleep is NOT done at 1:18 am.


6 thoughts on “Get over it already…”

  1. I know that “All done sleep” is not funny in the middle of the night, but it sure is funny for me to read about now. Maya has been joining us in the middle of the night pretty often lately. If she keeps her hands and feet to herself, it’s fine. Last night, there was too much small foot on my stomach and hands grabbing for my ears/neck for my liking.

    1. “All done sleep” is actually really funny. The first time he said it we cracked up even though it was the middle of the night. And, yes, Steve is a great friend who offers me great advice. We need to get together soon….are you ever off Wednesday afternoons anymore?

  2. I am free to come and go from work at whatever time I want, but my work load has just been really busy. Plus non-work life has been busy/stressful, too. We are going out of town for 11 days beginning next Thursday afternoon, and have a ton to do before we leave. After that, I’m hoping things slow down. I’d love to get together later in October or in November.

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