I’d rather be eating a cupcake…

Lots of running/ fitness stuff rambling on this post.  Consider yourself warned.

Yoga at the Y has been fantastic.  I’ve been meaning to post about yoga for a long time.  I was doing Ashtanga for the better part of the year, and have changed it up in the last few months.  First off, the time it was at no longer was really that great with our weekend schedule.  It took too much time away from Jasp.  But mainly, I was doing so much intensity over the weekend, come Monday I was wrecked…and Tuesday.  It would take me until about Wednesday to recover.  I think for runners, or any endurance sport people, the really high intensity yoga classes aren’t the best.  We get plenty of intensity in our other workouts.  My hamstrings were permanently sore.   I’ve been going to flow style classes, but they aren’t quite as intense.  I still get plenty sore, but it’s not the same.  Also Ashtanga is in a hot room so I felt like I was chronically dehydrated from all the sweating I was doing.  Also, Ashtanga is always the same, and there are some poses great for runners that never get done:  the lunging poses, core, pigeon (my fave). I like that I get these in other classes.  I still think Ashtanga is great, and am in awe of those who do the full series, but I am glad I stepped away.

Because the Y is 5 minutes from my house, and the classes are only an hour, I’ve been pretty consistent lately about going twice a week.  Plus I do a couple short sessions on my own at home, I am doing more yoga than I ever have since Jasp was born.  Last night we tried a big experiment.  Mike has been taking a masters swim class at the Y, and we thought we’d try out the free childcare and I would go to yoga while he swam.  I had a few reservations…Jasp spends the majority of his week in childcare, so I hated to give him even more.  BUT, he always eyeballs the kids area when we go to swim, and when Mike is out of town, that free childcare may be a godsend for me.  I wanted to at least try it.

Fail.  Before I had Jasp I know I questioned why some of my friends with kids didn’t do the gym childcare thing.  Of course I totally get it now.  I felt beyond awful when we got there and he realized I was just dumping him off and he lost it.  The folks working there assured me most kids quit crying in a few minutes and start playing.  I know all this…it’s the daycare routine I do everyday.  I went to yoga and really couldn’t enjoy it knowing Jasp was so ticked he had been shuffled off to more daycare.  Mike got him after his class got out and said he seemed ok, but not like he thought it was a fun thing to do.  I don’t know that we will make this a regular thing.  We had talked about doing it one night a week, but now I am not so sure.  I might still use it when Mike is out of town.  Sometimes he’s gone for 10 days, and that’s a long time to do every single run with Jasper.

I’ve been wanting to start a new goal of subbing out a run each week for a session on the bike trainer.  It’s mainly just to keep my legs healthy and get some time on the bike which I never have time for.  I also want to get a little more used to it, so I have a back up when Mike is out of town that I can get up early and do.  I’ve failed the last two weeks, mainly because the day I set aside for it, Jaspends up waking up early, so we end up on a stroller run.  I am convinced the stroller run is the perfect exercise.  Now that I have the stroller weather proof bubble (which Jasp loves!), I can take it out in just about any weather.  We went this morning in the rain, and it was so much fun to keep him cozy and dry while I ran.  Still, I want to convince myself to do more biking.  I have Chrissie Wellington’s book on the way and am considering some new cycling shorts for  biking motivation.  I love, love, love my morning run and would rather “add” biking to the mix that “sub” it for a run, but there are only so many hours I can spend on this stuff.   I’ve got go to work every now and then and vacuum the endless dust bunnies too.

I’ve also been thinking about my what runs I want to do as my big events in the upcoming run season.  I’ve got my race in a week and a half, my birthday run, and pacing again in our local marathon.  I’d like to pick a local spring race as a goal and have wasted plenty of lunch break time looking at websites.  I am between the Prickly Pear 50K, the Big D marathon, or both.  Thoughts?  Anyone interested in joining me at any of these?  Travel buddies could easily push me one way or another.   Now that I have access to a pool and a bike trainer, I have considered the possibility of doing one triathlon to check the box.  This is a huge maybe a post unto itself I’ll do later, as I’ve always had a bit of an issue with triathlon (but NOT with my many wonderful friends who are triathletes).

Ok..Jasp’s therapy is almost over and I should rest up for our Gabba Gabba dance party.  Does anyone else’s kid go nuts for Gabba songs?   A Jasper Gabba dance party is pretty much the ultimate test of endurance.





4 thoughts on “I’d rather be eating a cupcake…”

  1. The gym day care thing is tough… a lot of my friends do use it, but L’s never been a fan. Lately, one of her best friends’ moms joined the Y so the last couple of weeks we’ve tried going at the same time, and that has worked out (just once a week). But in general, I”d rather get my workout in when I don’t have to worry about how she’s doing. You have a lot of great races coming up… I’ve also thought about the Big D, and love that you’re considering a tri! 🙂

  2. I’ve only managed to leave my kids alone in the gym daycare successfully one time. That was pretty recently, when Bill was out of town, it was pouring down rain and I really wanted a little exercise and, even more, a SHOWER!. It worked out great that one time, but that hasn’t always been the case. I think the difference was that lately I have been taking one of them at a time while the other is in swimming lessons and hanging out with them there while they play and wait for their turn in the pool with their Dad. Basically, I let them get acclimated to the play area without leaving them there. Also, they are now old enough to play together, so when I drop them off, they weren’t really alone with ALL strangers. I’m very optimistic after this last time though. When I came to get them, they didn’t want to leave. I doubt we will make a regular thing out of it (like Jasp, they are in daycare a lot already), but it is nice to have the time (or even just a shower) when you really need it.

    I’m also excited because some friends of ours just joined our gym. I think the kids will be even MORE excited when some of their friends go at the same time. I don’t think I’d feel too bad then.

    1. Your situation is a little different. Like I said, when Mike is out of town, I may use it. I just felt selfish doing it on a weeknight so Mike and I could go do stuff for us. If he loved it there, I’d feel differently. Maybe as he gets older, he’ll be a little more into it.

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