Putting it out there…

Ok, here’s  putting it out there to make me more accountable.   I am going to work on cleaning up my diet.  I eat a pretty good diet with lots of veggies, fruit,  greek yogurt, eggs and tofu.  But I’ve been slipping into bad habits for awhile now.

When I was pregnant I ate really well.  I didn’t withhold calories, but I did withhold excess sweets and junk food.  After I had Jasper I lowered my carbs to take off my baby weight and it worked.  I did really good watching my rice, pasta and bread portions for about a year and a half.  Over the last year though, I’ve been pretty weak around my faves:  sweets and carb-y snacks.  I’ve been feeling a little softer than normal in the middle lately, and for a few weeks I’ve been telling myself I need to clean things up.

So what does that mean for me?  Well, I never want to deny myself having fun in life.  Jasp and I will still get cupcakes, but that is my treat for the week…not a treat for the day.  And, when your husband brews fantastic beer, no sense in saying no beer, but once again, much limiting.  On the day to day, I’ll go back to limiting carbs.  I do really well when Mike is out of town, but it is so true when you are married/ live with someone you tend to eat more.   It’s soooooo easy to say “let’s get ice cream!”

Anyone with me?  Anyone need to rein in their sweet tooth?

This does mean one small pumpkin spice latte a week…NOT two a weekend.  Looks like some pumpkins lives will be spared.

6 thoughts on “Putting it out there…”

  1. Alex and I limit ourselves to 1 package of gourmet cookies, which last us some times 2 weeks. We both limit carbs on a regular basis also portion size. We have both lost weight and have kept it off, and are enjoying eating healthy!!

  2. I have not many problems with being around carb-eating people when I am, although it is not easy, but I need to have an official resolve for it (like now) or a probnlem with my gut (like for bread and pasta and many food preservatives). Day 14 for me on NO any kind of wheat, dairy, legumes, sugar or nuts. Not much in temrs of weight loss (that wasn’t an initial reason, although I could appreciate the side effect if it happened), but the guts feel wonderful. Hlaf0way on cleaning, then some re-introduction.
    As for goals, Rpickley Pear 50k was pretty fast (if you take off the fact I ran it under constant rain in the mud).

    1. Wow! I don’t think I could be that disciplined to cut out that much. I commend you though. I don’t see how you couldn’t lose weight with no carbs and dairy. Those two things are my downfall.
      I have run Prickly twice and really enjoy it. I like runnable courses, and it’s the most gentle trail race in TX. Rocks and roots aren’t my thing. We’ll see….I have to see how this weekend’s race goes first!

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