Inspiration for the manic…

More from our fall photo session. I can’t remember if I took this one or if Jasper did.

Wow, I am about half way done with Chrissie Wellington’s book and it is so good.  For those who do not know, she is an ironman triathlete who’s won every ironman she’s done.  I pretty much don’t give a hoot about ironman, but I heard a couple interviews with her on some podcasts, and was taken with how amazingly humble she was and how she stumbled onto her talent when she was 30.  I love her book so far because it’s not about training and being an ironman, but about her passion for work in developing nations, her travels, and her love of adventure.  She reminds me of my friend Stephanie, who ends up being super good at anything she tries.  And, you can’t really be jealous, because she’s so dang nice.   This book is also so dangerous for me because last night I found myself online looking at beginner cycling groups.   It definitely sparks the desire to take on bigger challenges.

But first, I have a race in a few days.  Hopefully nothing will prevent me to making it to this one as the last two I signed up for never happened.  I won’t rehash all my complaining about feeling a little slow.   But this much I know:  I trained a little too long for this one.  Close to 6 months.  I probably was ready for it 2 months ago.  Oops.   But I’ve got other things coming up and I think I just need to get the rust out of my legs.  The really exciting thing this weekend is on Sunday, Jasper is doing his first race.  He’s been running around the block 2 times with no break, so I signed him up for a kids 1K.  Can you even imagine how cute a race number will look on him?  (if he lets me pin it on).   Then,  immediately following we are doing a 5 mile fun run with him in the stroller (hopefully he’ll get in it).  So I’ve got a lot of running to do this weekend.  I have full blown taper week “all the places hurt where most people have muscles, but I seem to lack  them syndrome”   I seriously shouldn’t taper.  It makes me completely manic.  As in looking at websites late at night planning long bike rides when I don’t even cycle, looking at the little kid bike trailers to go with me on my long ride when I don’t cycle, then flip flopping over to 50K run websites and deciding to give up ice cream and carbs.  Yeah, Mike must really love me during taper week.  Don’t worry….next race I won’t do it.  It doesn’t seem to work for me.

Ok…time to get a couple things done before my little dolphin gets out of speech.  He dives under the water now….I love it!   We’ve got a playground walk later today to channel both  both of our manic energies into.  Up next will be both of our race reports!

4 thoughts on “Inspiration for the manic…”

  1. You are too kind. I am definitely NOT good at everything I try. Singing. Cooking. Snowboarding (ouch!). The Oboe (double OUCH!). Finding my way to anywhere. Cycling (do you remember when that 75 year old man passed us in that duathlon and we got in trouble with the referee for talking?) I could go on and on and on and on . . . .

  2. So funny about all the things you find yourself researching and committing to when tapering! I’ve definitely been there. Looking forward to hearing how the race goes for both you and Jasper, too cute!

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