#26 and #1

No need to overload you with details.  Yesterday I ran marathon #26.  Here are some thoughts:

#26-My life is just busy.  I’ll never run a marathon again where there are at least a few issues in the week leading up.  Since I know that’s how it will be I cannot freak out at every little issue.

-I chatted with a really nice guy I ended up running with most of the way.  He set me straight by saying his goal was run an honest effort, keep it under 4 hours, and don’t get hurt.  Sounded like a great idea to me.  My training told me I needed a miracle to Boston qualify.  Instead of looking for a miracle I went with my new running buddy’s goal.

-I really love the 26 mile distance.  It starts to hurt at the very end (not at halfway like a 100 miler!), and it’s pretty doable to push through less than an hour of hurt.

-It’s so nice to run an old school race for runners by runners.  I love the idea of just me versus the course and not being “entertained” the whole way.   Runs with a lot going on have their place, but sometimes simple feels good.

-I finished in 3:53.  I think.  I actually stuck around long enough afterwards this year to get an age group award.  Always nice even though what will I do with a Frankenstein themed plaque?

-I met the president of the 50 states club.  He was so nice and invited me to a meeting at the Route 66 marathon.  I told him it may take me my whole life to do the states.  Most members don’t do it that way, but he said please join anyways.

-The hardest thing about being a parent and doing marathons is not the training.  It’s the zero rest and recovery.  Post race naps are nice, but not going to happen.

-Post race dinner with friends at our house was nice.  Mike grilled salmon and it was nice to have a healthy post race meal and not a giant plate of fries which always sounds good at the time but just adds the post race misery.

#1-Jasper did his first kids 1K run today.  He did really good with the running.   The race was inexpensive and had really nice shirts for the price and some fun things for kids to do.

-I pretty much felt like crap when I woke up for it, as to be expected.

-While the 1K went well, the 5 mile fun run following it was a disaster.  My plan was to stick Jasp in the stroller and do an easy run with Stephanie and Amelia.  Jasper lost it, refused the stroller and wouldn’t be happy unless I let him run in the street, which wasn’t an option.  Leaving seemed to be the only option, and while I didn’t really care if I shuffled through a 5 miler today, it would be nice if we could do a run like this in the future.  I have my doubts now.

-We salvaged things by meeting Stephanie and Amelia at Kerbey Lane.  I hadn’t eaten there in ages and it was fun to have a late brunch, and Jasp was really good for that!

So, there was our big run weekend.  It was a lot going on and we are all tired, but it felt great to get the rust out of my legs.  I am super psyched that the racing season is in full swing and that I have another race in a month.  Time to recover smart and move ahead.

2 thoughts on “#26 and #1”

  1. Way to go on your marathon and age group placing!! You’re so right about the recovery with toddlers, it is tough! Hope you can get a little extra sleep this week somehow. That’s awesome that Jasper did so well in his race, too!

    1. Thanks! yes, it is hard just to have a tough workout day with a toddler. They just never let you sit down. I also think it will get easier when Jasper doesn’t wake up so early, and I’ll know I can have a little more time in the mornings. He’s still up everyday between 5 and 600! Everyone keeps telling me it gets easier….I’m waiting for it 🙂

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