Colliding worlds and black eyes…

Pancake at the playground. Yes, I take her and Jasper. I am mom to both.

Uggg, I am about to have the least favorite part of my schedule.  I don’t like when my worlds collide and I feel like work eats up too much of my life.  I have a weekend conference to attend, that will keep me away from home for 3 days.  I don’t like leaving Jasper, I don’t like the extra planning that being gone all weekend creates, I don’t like feeling guilty about having to change Mike’s schedule to accommodate this trip.  But it must be done.  I try to avoid making this a “mommy” blog, because wouldn’t you rather read about running than me having yet another breakdown into tears in the car after a massive Jasper fit?  So you won’t find a manifesto about working versus staying at home, but this weekend is one of those times I really wish I wasn’t working.  Ok…’nuff said on that…

I started running yesterday and went to yoga and am feeling pretty good.  I don’t really do a big recovery after a marathon anymore, because when you are as slow as I am they don’t take a ton out of you.   I do try and get at least a couple days of no running though, and that is done.  I am also doing so-so on my proposal to rein in crappy eating habits.  I am working on just keeping the goodies out of the house.  Yesterday was my first cupcake in a couple weeks, and I got one for Mike and I to split.  Still a cupcake is a cupcake.  I don’t know how you healthy eaters do it.  I am so wimpy when it comes to willpower.

Not much else other than kicking off a month where we either have company or travel about every weekend.   When it rains it pours….November will be busy.

One quick story and then I’ll call it on the lamest blog post ever….Jaspy got a black eye yesterday at OT.  The therapist brought him out to me and she was upset, but he seemed ok.  I took him swimming later in the afternoon, and I couldn’t help but thinking how cute he looked.  He was being such a little boy, doing a twirl jump into the pool with his little black eye.  It looks better today, and despite me saying this isn’t a mommy blog, am I a bad mom for thinking he looked cute with his black eye?

1 thought on “Colliding worlds and black eyes…”

  1. You should post a photo of him with his first black eye. What happened during his therapy session to cause a black eye, that’s kind of scary!!

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