Cutest runner ever…

I wasn’t super hip on traveling this weekend, just because of Jasp, and then I became really not excited when I was going to be in the eye of the storm due to hit the Atlantic coast, and I was super, super not excited when I got an email from my weekend conference saying there was no way it would be cancelled. I packed a couple extra sets of clothes assuming I would be stuck, since I was due to fly home at the height of the storm and the airlines were already asking travelers to reschedule.

So I was pretty happy when I got up at 4am Saturday to find out the conference did get cancelled at about 2am.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but I was so relieved not to face spending half the week trying to get home!

So here I am.  I am about to take Jasp to do some bouncing, but it was nice to get a mellow run with Stephanie yesterday and a stroller run that poor Mark joined me on today (I say poor Mark because it felt brisk to me pushing the stroller, but slow to him I am sure).  It’s also nice to get some things done around the house that I wasn’t thinking I would get to this weekend, so yes, I was super happy for my reprieve.

The really nice thing this weekend is we have real fall weather for the first time in a few weeks.  Where was this last weekend when my marathon was 80 degrees by the end?  Fall running is the absolute best though.  It’s not so cold it’s hard to motivate in the mornings, and you come feeling refreshed, not completely zapped like summertime running.   I was actually going to run a 10 mile race today, but I had to register yesterday at the local running store, and I never made it down there with Jasp.   I also got Jasp this super, super cool toy at Terra Toys yesterday, thus kinda, sorta blowing my mad money, and I didn’t know that I needed to spend more for a race that was sounding a little too complicated to do since I couldn’t just register the morning of.  Insert old fart moment here:  I miss when you could make a last minute decision to do a race and just show up the morning of and maybe pay $5 more for same day reg, not double the cost to register, if they even will do it.

Well time to pack up and bounce.  I am back on marathon “training” this week.  Just 3 weeks until the next one.

1 thought on “Reprieve…”

  1. Look at him- what an awesome picture! I’m so glad you didn’t have to go… things are such a mess. Enjoy a little extra down time!

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