Updates later..

I’ll post Halloween pictures and other stuff later.  For now though, I feel I have to weigh in on the NYC marathon controvery.  I don’t think they should have it.    I understand how torn the runners must be.  This is such a huge event.   I was on the fence until I read about how devastated Staten Island still is.    What really got to me:  two little boys died right near the start.  Truly horrible stuff.  Out of respect, put the race on hold.   If you can afford the NYC marathon, you can probably afford to rebook a race somewhere else, and give a nice donation to help those affected by the storm. 

What I really hate is that a lot of people are going to see runners as insenstive assholes becasue of this controversy.  This is so not the case.  I know so many runners who have done charity fundraising.  I know when disaster strikes, or there is a need, runners are quick to organize a fundraiser. 

So I offer a challenge to my runner friends:  when you finish reading this, immediately go to the Red Cross’ site, or another charity and make a donation now…if you put it off you won’t end up doing it.  Yes, as runners we like our $25 socks, $100 race fees, and selfish time spent training.  But I also think we care about those who are in need.

Ok…next blog post will be my usual self absorbed BS…I promise.

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