Super Why…

My little Super Why

I was glad the NYC marathon came to its senses and cancelled.  They handled it horribly though, and I am certainly not the only one to say this!  It seems like overwhelmingly runners agreed they should cancel it, but when they said it’s on no matter what, I can’t really blame the foreign runners for keeping their travel plans.  But then to get there and at the 11th hour have it canceled?  Now not only are there storm victims, but really frustrated runners who spent a lot of money for no run.  I was very impressed with all the fantastic runs and charity efforts by runners that are springing up all over.  I hope people see this, and not blame the runners for a situation that they are also the victims in.

The whole debacle makes me really question the big mega marathon thing.  I’ve only done one:  Boston, and that is half the size of NYC.  It’s still quite the circus.  The smaller races don’t seem nearly as disrupting to a community and if something happens and you cannot race, you aren’t out as much.  I’ve thought about running Chicago sometime to experience one of these giant races, but I recall they had issues one year too and cancelled mid race.   Then there was a huge cluster with the Vegas marathon last year with people getting trapped at the finishing area, and a lot of runners getting sick from either a virus or bad water.  Running long distance is such a simple thing, I guess sometimes I think why make it so complicated by trying to put 40000 people on the street at one time?

Halloween was fun.  This year was the first Jasp was pretty into it.  Getting him to bed that night was not fun, but there is always a trade off at age 2.  Overall last week was one of those crazy ones though, and I am really, really looking forward to my birthday weekend for a break.  I won’t dive too much into the Jasper side of things, but last week had me in tears more than once over Jaspy issues.  Mike is out of town now, and I have my fingers crossed for a smooth week.  The weather is pretty mild, so running with the stroller should work out fine.  I swear, I never knew how much I would depend on that thing.  It’s a lifesaver.  It’s hard when Mike is out of town, and especially the weekdays with getting us out of the house and a dog walked by 730.  The evenings are a little wild too, but having that run helps so much.

I had a nice 15 miler yesterday.  It was pretty much a brutally humid and warm morning, but I finished feeling like I could easily do 10 more.   I don’t think running marathons back to back is that tricky.  The trick is to find the right formula to allow you to recover, but not too much since you still want to maintain your training.  The really fun thing about doing lots of back to back marathons, is you never end up grinding out a 20+ miler on your own.  Races end up replacing your long runs.  I am aiming to keep up a longish race per month throughout our whole Austin racing season and minimize my long solo runs, which are a love/ hate for me.  I enjoy it most of the time, but I have some that seem long and lonely.

On the diet front, Mike and I have totally been rocking a low cholesterol diet.  We are sorta modifying a vegan diet.  We eliminated dairy (minus non fat greek yogurt for me), and we do chicken breast and fish, and feta cheese only for cheese.  This instantly cuts down on your desserts.  After a couple weeks of it, I don’t really crave ice cream like I used to.  It feels good to try something that actually works, at least so far it is.

That’s all I got.  We’ve got swimming on tap for today, and a Black Star dinner tonight.  I feel treating myself to a craft brew and yummy salad is well deserved.  Lots of home yoga this week (I hope), the aforementioned stroller runs, and hopefully a happy little Super Why and border collie.



1 thought on “Super Why…”

  1. Cute Halloween guy there! I’m so glad they cancelled it too, and agree it was not handled well. I’ve mostly done larger races, so I don’t have much to compare it to but I know what you’re saying. And way to go with curbing the ice cream cravings! I still want my dark chocolate every day, no matter how my diet changes. 🙂

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