It’s going to get interesting…


There ever present octopus shirt…

Jasper is in a phase where he will only wear a shirt with an octopus on in.  I actually found a few online.   The one exception is a pajama top with a snake on it that he calls a “stank”.  I also have given up any hope that he will let me cut his hair anytime in the near future.  After multiple failed attepts, he will be having long hair. He currently has a Bruce Lee thing going , so it’s pretty cute for now. 

The running Gods have been kind to me this week.  I am on day three of successful stroller runs.  The time change really is what did it.  Jasper is getting up very early which gives me plenty of time to get us both out for a run while still having plenty of time to get ready.   The bubble thingie I bought to keep him warm really seems to work.  He still gets blankets, but those used to do nothing after a couple miles on a cold morning.  I now find myself wondering how many more years I’ll get out of stroller running.  Will he make it until he’s 4?   I’ve got a lot of years where he’s too young to leave alone and too big for a stroller to figure out.   I think this is why people buy treadmills…



2 thoughts on “It’s going to get interesting…”

  1. I get annoyed when Maya insists on a dress day after day, but only a shirt with an octopus – that is a highly specific requirement.

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