New shoes and skittle stirfry…

 Try and picture these on someone with cellulite and you’ll get the idea…

If you are one of the two people who read this you may recall a rant I had awhile back that I can only get orthopedic spartan gray shoes.  Well, the execs at Nike must have started reading my blog.  I wear the Nike Pegasus.  I love, love, love them.  Unless Nike changes something in the fit, I’ll stay with them.  I kinda like the fact they are uber-unhip.  It’s like the ironic nerd look, or whatever you want to call it, but a bit of “I’m too cool to even care that I’m not cool.”  Until now…

They just came in out in neon yellow/ green.  As in they look just like the popular Olympic Nikes.   I ordered a pair.  They are the same cush-y shoes with my orthotics, but screaming fast yellow.  I may have drifted into the “you are super un-cool, because you are trying so hard to be cool” catagory, so I still remain a super dork.  And yes, this is a color not meant for those with cellulite, a shuffling gait, and those pushing a baby jogger, but such is my life.

The diet is going pretty good.  I just ate a tofu/ veggie stirfry with nutritional yeast (loving that stuff), but then ate a pack of Halloween Skittles.   They are cholesterol free though.

Glad’s it’s Friday.  Glad I have new shoes.  Glad I’ve got a marathon in a week!

4 thoughts on “New shoes and skittle stirfry…”

  1. Don’t sweat it. I am working my way through a cauldron of Twix bars and Heath bars that I cunningly concealed from trick or treaters. See you in the morning for the Town Lake shuffle.

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