I always wanted a poo-brown sweatshirt…

Auditioning for The Outsiders while in the tub…

It could still happen….I could still have to cancel my race this weekend.  Not to be fatalistic, but Jasp could get sick still, Mike could have a work thing come up, who knows.  Fingers and toes crossed it happens and I do not add it to my history of canceled races.

I’ve been getting tons of emails from the Route 66 marathon, and these people seem organized.  It sounds like it will be a good race.  One race rant though…does anyone else miss cotton t-shirts?  I know tech shirts are the norm now and runners expect them.  But, I loved the races that gave you the long sleeve t-shirts.  Those things are the best.  They are a relic of past times though.  I’ve gotten some good tech shirts from races and some that are hideously ugly and go straight to a donation bag.  You do wonder how a big race manages to make the ugliest shirt imaginable.  Don’t they have some kind of board that approves such a thing?  In my history of —gasp!—-25  years now of races I have had my share of ugly shirts.  I’ve had some I loved too, and mourned their departure when they just got too ratty or stinky to keep wearing.  I wish I had taken photos, but I would have to say the all time ugliest were last years 3M half marathon shirt:  dingy gray with big, bold words “Fast, Easy, Fun!”  I get it that it’s a light hearted attempt at innuendo, but I’ll pass on a pseudo advertisement that I am fast, easy, and fun.  Another stinker:  Rocky Raccoon 50 miler a few years ago.  You really want something nice to celebrate a 50 mile run.  Not sure how a poo-brown sweatshirt with a faux sheriff’s badge embroidered on it fits the bill.   Sunmart 50 miler was the best race in Texas for many years.  It also had the ugliest shirts.  A unisex polo shirt.  Gag.   My faves include the 3M half marathon shirts back when they gave long sleeve ts, my Estes park marathon shirt (another long sleeve t), the MiWok 100K gave a super cool tech shirt in a coral color with gray sleeves.  I wore it until it  got the perma-stink that tech shirts do.  I actually loved last year’s Austin marathon shirt despite it being a play on the Livestrong yellow jersey.  It has a great fit and a neat design of a map of the course with the Austin landmarks highlighted.   I really do need to start getting pictures of the winners and snoozers in the race shirt dept.  Note to self…

Ok…walking on eggshells the rest of the week hoping no one gets sick, no cars break down, no one gets an extra assignment at work, and no emergencies happen.  If all pans out, I’m off in a couple days to run #27.

2 thoughts on “I always wanted a poo-brown sweatshirt…”

  1. You’re so right about those ugly shirts… shouldn’t they be approved by a committee who can catch the hideous-ness?! Hope you still get to run. Lots of emails is definitely a good sign on their end!

  2. Ah, The Outsiders. Great movie. The blue mustang that the Socs drove in the movie was owned by a girl I went to HS with. The production company borrowed it for filming.

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