And now what?

This picture does not do justice to the pure happiness generated by a little boy jumping. I see a backyard eyesore purchase in our future…

With my big fall races in the books, like most obsessive compulsive runners, I immediately think, “what next?”  I have the Austin marathon pacing in February, and a practice pacing 30K in January.  Both lots of fun, but neither one are goals.  The stars aligned and it works out that I can run the Decker half marathon next weekend.  This is my kind of race.  A challenging course and no silly gimmicks.  And speaking of silly gimmicks, has anyone read this article yet?  While I realize going on about the good ol’ days of racing, I sound old and crotchety, I just can’t help myself.  The lamest race I’ve seen yet?  A run where you and running away from pretend police.  Ugg.  Just give me a pretty course, some gatorade and water, a decent shirt, and a banana at the end.   I’m willing to pay a little more for a better than average shirt, a nice finisher’s medal, and better than average goodies at the end.  But I don’t need zombies, colored chalk thrown at me, mud, extra fees to pick up a race packet, concerts, cheerleading squads, etc.  Dang, I really do sound crotchety.  Anyhow, Decker is a perfect race.   The weather is hit or miss.  The shirts are usually decent.  You get to wait indoors for the race to start.  Yay for being warm on a December morning.

Other running related projects:  This weekend is another Jasper run.  He’s doing a Christmas kids’ 1K run  under a new massive display of Christmas lights in Round Rock.  Race proceeds go to build a playground accessible for all ability levels.  Very cool.   The new light display is supposed to be one of the best in Texas.  It’s a mile and a half long.  Have I mentioned I love Christmas lights?  It should be fun…

Ok, spring time goal run.  Yep, time to starting planning.  Since our summer is pretty much raceless due to temps that are potentially lethal, I plan to get a lot of racing done in the 6 months our temperature won’t kill you.  I am pretty sure my spring biggie will be the Prickly Pear 50K.  Yeah, it’s an ultra and I said I wasn’t going to do those anymore, but 50K isn’t much different than a marathon.  The real deciding factor is peer pressure.  When a good friend is going to do his first ultra, I had to join in.  While we won’t be doing the same race, comparing training woes is always a good time.  Plus, it’s about an hour’s drive which is a much better option for me than hopping in a plane.

Well, how’s that for lots of running talk?  Coming up:  making a test vegan pumpkin pie to ensure perfection by Christmas, “speed” runs in hopes of making my Decker half marathon worth the money I am paying to do it, a much needed massage this weekend, swimming, jumping, and general Japerness….

4 thoughts on “And now what?”

  1. That 1k is being held at my old stomping ground. Done many many runs through that park. We ought to plan a Sunday morning run out there one of these weeks. Incidentally, we went to the Trail of Lights in Wimberley last Saturday, and highly recommend it. Great small town welcome, hot chocolate, marshmallows, train rides, a live band and a great lights display.

  2. I am the same way- so not interested in the mud runs, color runs, zombie, etc… just want a nice plain course to run! I’m doing a half next weekened, too- the TriGirl half in Houston (all women). I’m looking forward to it. Have a great weekend!

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