Round Rock Reindeer Run…

DSC_0227DSC_0238DSC_0244This past weekend we did another kids’ run.  It was part of a new 5K where you run in the evening to preview Round Rock’s light display.  I’ve learned to go to these events thinking of them only as a kids’ run.  Jasp has no interest in getting into a stroller when he just got done running so that I can run, so I now go into these assuming the 5K part will be a walk with Jasp running around people.  I also don’t even consider signing up for one of these unless it’s being billed as a family event more than an actual race.

This event had a few first time event organizational issues, but for the most part it was fun and I suspect they’ll work out the kinks next year.  Jasp LOVED the Christmas lights.  They were hyped up as one of the top displays in Texas.  Not sure if I would agree with that, and I am not sure what the light studded Battle of Iwo Jima display had to do with Christmas, but maybe that’s just me.  We walked most of the 5K with Jasp running next to us and I was pretty impressed he basically ran 3 miles.  I can assure you I was not pushing him one bit…in fact I really wanted him in the stroller to make seeing the lights a little easier and not chase a toddler in the dark, but he’s all about running.   I am not complaining!

You would think all that would wear him out, but Jasp has been on a streak of not going to bed until 900-1000.  He still gets up between 500-600 most days, which is why doing just about anything is a challenge.  I really want just an hour of time a day to get a couple things done!  Meh.  I have no clue how you moms with more than one kid do it.   Maybe you just accept you will not get anything accomplished until they are in high school and want to sleep until noon?

I am super, super excited for the Decker half this weekend.  It’s kicking off my winter “season” and ultimately my prep for my 50K.   I was so on the fence about this for awhile and now I am so excited.  When I find some time (ha!) I will write out my long run schedule.  Who knows when that will happen.  Dang the holidays are sooooo busy.    Don’t even get me started on Christmas related projects I want to do.  I managed to get stockings up so far.   It’s all about baby steps….


2 thoughts on “Round Rock Reindeer Run…”

  1. What a little bundle of energy! I don’t think L could handle a kids race yet… she gets bored and loses interest.
    I have a half this weekend, too– good luck!! Looks like it’s going to be warmer than ideal here. 😦

    1. You should try a kids’ race! It’s a great way to burn up a morning activity. I bet L woudl like it if she tried it. It seems every kid there is in heaven. Good luck on your half.

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